On Monday we finally got some information on the nine suspended Florida Gators players. The University of Florida Police Department made the recommendation for each of the suspended student-athletes to face multiple third-degree felony charges.

It is now up to the State Attorney’s Office to determine whether or not to pursue those charges.

Kadeem Telfort was one of the suspended, however he faces many more charges than his teammates. Telfort has two open cases that include a whopping thirty felony charges related to credit card theft.

In the sworn affidavit provided to the State Attorney’s Office, Telfort’s lawyer, Peter Schoenthal asked for “special treatment since his client was a UF football player.”

In the affidavit UFPD officer, Nikita McCarthy, states that on September 13 Schoenthal called and wanted to sit down with the State Attorney’s Office and UFPD hoping to negotiate a deal for the athletes to do some community service. Schoenthal said that since the “boys” had never been arrested but “made bad decisions” a felony arrest would ruin their lives. He also told the officer that most of the boys came from a [terrible] situation before coming to UF. Schoenthal also refused to have Telfort interviewed by UFPD officer during the investigation.

From the affidavit: “Schoenthal said he didn’t want to ask for special treatment, but had to ask for special treatment since his client was a UF football player and the case against him would ruin his life.”

According to his website, Schoenthal began his career with the Miami-Dade Public Defender’s office before going into private practice.

You can see that portion of the document in the picture below:

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  1. The Florida players stole. They had an opportunity of a life time and they choose to steal. They at some point in their lives were taught right from wrong.

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