About Chomp Talk

What started as one person who enjoyed writing about the teams he loved has become something special.
I began this website two years ago as ‘The Gator Chomp Blog‘, never envisioning the success that I’d reach.
As the website proved successful, we reached many milestones. I remember just how giddy I was when I had made it to 500 likes on the Facebook page. I had never expected that kind of reception.
The Gator Nation has the fortune of being served by a number of sites that do an excellent job of reporting on the sports programs. That’s part of why I have such pride in my work and what we have accomplished.
The last year has been incredibly rewarding. Thanks to Kathy Cafazzo, the Sports Information Director for the women’s basketball program, we earned press credentials and were able to attend every game and each press conference after the games.
That led us to receiving passes for gymnastics, softball, and lacrosse this spring. I am incredibly grateful for the professionals I have met within the University of Florida’s athletic program. I also believe that these credentials have allowed us to improve the content in our articles.
We have posted 614 articles on the website in nearly two years of work. We have dedicated our time to each of the NCAA sanctioned sports at UF, rather than the usual of football and men’s basketball.
As the success of the site has grown, we came to the conclusion that it was time for a rebranding. As of July 1, 2018, The Gator Chomp Blog is now, Chomp Talk.
We believe that the new moniker will lead us into the future while also keeping us aware of our past. We believe that the shorter name will help enhance our social media profile and will be easier to remember and embrace.
The mission statement of Chomp Talk is simple. It is our mission to serve The Gator Nation with accurate and dependable coverage of the athletic programs at the University of Florida. While that hasn’t changed from the beginning, we are doing things to make our coverage even better.

Beginning fall 2018, we will feature ‘beat writers’ for each sport, in an attempt to make coverage even better than ever before.
We ask that you, the reader, let us know if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or if you just want to talk some Gators sports, please reach out.
We want to become The Gator Nation’s primary source for Florida Gators information. Feel free to use the (hashtag) #ChompTalk and follow our other social media pages on Twitter and Instagram.
Thank you, Gator Nation!
As always, Go Gators!

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