Gators in the Olympics, 8/6/16

Gainesville-  The Florida Gators are well represented at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. In all, thirty Gators will represent sixteen different countries in four different sports: golf, indoor volleyball, swimming, and track and field. 

Ryan Lochte will become the second oldest Olympic swimmer from the United States, at age 32, and is competing in his fourth Olympics. He has a chance to improve on the eleven medals he has already earned (second most by a Gator all time). 

On Saturday, six Gators will compete. 


  • Sebastien Rousseau: South Africa / 12:02 PM
  • Connor Dwyer: USA / 12:48 PM
  • Elizabeth Beisel: USA / 1:32 PM
  • Melani Costa-Schmid: Spain / 2:24 PM

Volleyball prelims:

  • Aury Cruz: Puerto Rico / 4:05 PM
  • Kelly Murphy: USA / 4:05 PM

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(Note: all listed times are EST, or local time in Gainesville, Florida.)


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