Gainesville-  The Florida State Attorney’s Office has decided that there is not enough evidence to charge either former Gators QB Treon Harris or current WR Antonio Callaway for their involvement in an alleged sexual assault that occurred in December 2015.

State Attorney William Cevone consulted with university police to see if the case warranted criminal charges.

“I had a conversation with officers at the university to see whether it was going to come this way,” said Cervone, who said his office never fully investigated the allegations. “Based on what I knew then, I didn’t think there was even a remote possibility of criminal charges. It would have been totally un-prosecutable based on the facts given to me. It would have never risen to sexual assault or sexual battery.” (Per ESPN report)

Callaway had a Title IX hearing on Friday, which the alleged victim boycotted due to the fact that a Gators football and basketball booster was to adjudicate. Details from that hearing will be released at a later date.

The University and Callaway’s attorney have both released a statement about the report that ESPN released on Thursday.

Harris has since transferred from UF, while Callaway has been reinstated on campus and is allowed to practice with his teammates at the UF facilities.

There is still no update on Callaway’s status for the Gators first game on September 3 vs UMASS.

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