Ryan Lochte will be suspended ten months for the story that he and three other American swimmers told authorities in Rio during the second week of the Olympics. Lochte will also be ineligible for the 2017 World Championships. 

The story became well documented in the media after Lochte told his mother of a robbery at a gas station in Rio after a night of partying and celebrating the USA’s triumphs in the Olympic swimming events. 

Lochte has since admitted that his story was embellished, but still claims much of the story was true. 

Lochte attended the University of Florida from 2004-07 and twice won NCAA swimmer of the year. While at Florida Lochte was a seven-time National Champions and a 24-time All-American. 

Lochte is a 12-time Olympic medalist, and has 90 medals in his international career. 

No punishment has been given to the other swimmers involved, but media outlets have reported that it will be significantly less than Lochte’s. 

Lochte is competing on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars which premiers Monday, September 12. 

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