Florida fans have been upset and disappointed by the lack of offense the team has played with. Social media shows many Gators fans questioning head coach Jim McElwain, and offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier.  Many fans have even called for one, or both to be fired. 

The coaching carousel hasn’t really gotten going, as only a few Power 5 openings have come available, and several of those spots have already been filled. USA Today reports that Oregon is leaning towards firing head coach Mark Helfrich after “laying the groundwork” for a coaching search. 

In the same USA Today report, Dan Wolken weighs the potential candidates for Oregon. Surprisingly, Wolken included McElwain stating, 

“There also are whispers that Florida’s Jim McElwain could be intrigued by the opportunity to return to the Pacific Northwest, close to where he went to college and started his coaching career at Eastern Washington. Despite winning SEC East titles in his first two years, McElwain has been a bit under-appreciated by the Florida fan base and just got a new athletics director in Gainesville.”

Well, Florida fans, if Wolken knows what he’s talking about, you may end up with a new coach like you hope. 

McElwain is 18-7 in his two seasons as Florida’s head coach. McElwain is also the first SEC coach to earn back-to-back trips to the SEC Championship Game in his first two years. Florida faces Alabama in Atlanta on Saturday. 

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Original USA Today Article From USA Today: Where we stand on college football coaching hires and firings

21 thoughts on “USA Today reports Jim McElwain “could be intrigued” with Oregon opening”
  1. If he is saying this to get a raise, him and his horrible players can LEAVE the SWAMP.

    If he doesn’t beat BAMA this weekend, he has no business being a coach at UF.

    1. We are The University Of Florida so put some respect on that but I myself are sick an tied of these coaches coming in to UF like it’s some start up program like we brand new to this We are a winning program and a well respected one at that because we are the best in this game but this how it needs to go down people because I was not a fan on the Muschamp or McElwain hire but at least Muschamp can build a defense to his credit So that being said Now we got to hire a coach who’s name is bigger than the whole UF program like Nick Saban name is bigger than Alabama whole program and that’s what we need at UF so i hope McElwian just get out of town because He’s never going to beat Alabama but I tell you who’s got the swagger and A very good coach in my eyes and I no I’m reaching but bring back the old ball coach out of retirement Or bring in a Les Miles and Charlie Strong Combo that’s who I like and let’s bring back the Swamp

    2. Quite possibly the most stupid comment ever. Forget two SEC East titles in first two years in the face of nothing but disaster at quarterback and injuries. “If he doesn’t beat BAMA this weekend, he has no business being a coach at UF.” Derpity derp derp derp.

      1. I agree, crazy comment. If he did bolt, we have Shannon on staff, bet Mason could be lured from Vandy… u can win there, u can win anywhere… A bigger issue than QB is our OC. Haven’t had a good 1 in 4ever… Nuss needs his walking papers

      2. When he wins or looses the only words that come out his mouth is that stupid sh-t …MAN THIS IS FUN .THIS IS WHY YOU COME HERE. No you come here to win for your team and your fans . Not because its exiting for you to actually play in a real venue…….

      3. Like the injuries are his fault. SMH. If that UNT player didn’t take out Del Rio, he was our quarterback for the year. We would be playing the Freshman quarterbacks if it was earlier in the year.

  2. Please let him go cause he can’t recruit don’t have any 5 stars coming in and take Collins with him cause he doesn’t have a clue. Man came from Mississippi state like they have won anything in 50 years

    1. Collins has done a good job. Can’t win with the defense on the field for 75% of the game cause the offense sucks

      1. I agree with that anytime your offense can’t control their side of the ball and manage the time of possession an keep turning a quick three out your defense is going to be gas out an that’s always been a known fact in the game Of football and last year if Will Grier hadn’t gotten suspended The Gator would have beaten Alabama an won the SEC title because we were on a roll an everybody saw that and that Harris kid was just awful last year and now here we go same problem again…….Dam it McElwian you should have stood behind Will Grier but instead you made him like he wasn’t wanted because he made a simple mistake like kid do every single day in World and a Grown Man like yourself with kids should no better because It just piss me off everytime I think about how you an your Staff treated the young Kid

    1. FLORIDA will not get elite recruits again until they start winning and putting the right people in place. A good start will be when the new football complex is built and the new dorms are implemented. I think Chad Morris could take this talent over the top with his play calling ability, however the main problem is still at the QB position. That issue was resolved when Grier was on deck but that is no longer the case.

  3. If injuries hurt u every year. U need to do something about the strength and conditioning coach. He’s not a head coach he’s a coordinator. The man is playing with Muschamp players and most of them on defense will be gone after this year. Jimbo is killing us in recruiting and Mark Richt is in Miami now so we’re done cause we have no top corners or defensive line man coming in

    1. That’s rite because you took the words out of mouth because it’s about to be a disaster after this year and going to be painful to watch next season So please call Charlie Strong-Mike Shanahan- Lovie Smith- Tommy Tuberville -Les Miles because we need a coach

    1. I no Les Miles would love to be down in the Swamp and with Charlie Strong running that defense Oooo!!!!! My God it would be just like the old days an The asphere in the swamp would be like no other because Jim McElwain got to go when he said I was brought in to fix the offense an get to Atlanta but didn’t say nothing about winning in Atlanta So sounds like to me just getting there would be enough for him and not winning big game so he fills as long as he can do it that way he’ll always make the office an The fans happy but somebody told wrong because We Are The Florida Gators and not just some start up program

  4. Ya’ll right about the starters on defense but look at the backups they are 3 stars and u can’t win in the SEC with 3 stars. Just ask Mississippi state, Vanderbilt and Kentucky. Just look at the class we got coming in. Smh

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