The Cleveland Browns may have landed the steal of the 2017 NFL Draft. The Browns selected Florida DT Caleb Brantley despite a pending charge of battery that was filed just days before the draft. Brantley was believed to be a second or third round talent, but saw his draft stock fall all the way to the sixth round due to the ongoing investigation. 

On Wednesday, State Attorney Bill Cervone announced in a release that the charge had been dropped citing lack of evidence and conflicting accounts by the other party involved. 

Brantley was charged by Gainesville Police on April 21 for the incident that happened eight days earlier. 

Information in this article obtained via the Orlando Sentinel.

One thought on “State Attorney drops battery charge against Caleb Brantley”
  1. I hope to see a lot of journalists and media sources give a public apology for crucifying this kid… I doubt anyone attacks Chelsea’s character the way Caleb’s was attacked even though she was caught lying and was clearly after a settlement that Caleb refused (even though settling out of court prior to the draft coulda made this go away much quicker, but he wanted the truth to come out even if it cost him millions)… worse part is, anyone that looked into the incident, woulda been well aware Caleb was innocent, but that didn’t stop the false allegations going viral.. I hope to see better investigating by some of the shady journalists moving forward, but that’s probably expecting too much 🙁

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