If history repeats itself, the Gators will win the National Championship.

Via Getty Images: Florida head coach Jim McElwain celebrated after defeating LSU in November 2016.

The University of Florida officially announced that LSU will be their 2017 Homecoming opponent on Thursday.  The game will be played October 7 at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. 

The Gators choice of LSU is surprising as Florida typically schedules Vanderbilt as their homecoming game when playing the Commodores at home. 

However, Florida and their cross-division rivals from Baton Rouge have taken their rivalry to a whole new level in the last year. 

In case you don’t remember, Florida postponed the matchup last year as Hurricane Matthew was barreling toward the Florida coast with a trajectory aimed straight for Gainesville. LSU offered to move the game to Baton Rouge or play either Sunday or Monday in Gainesville. 

The storm took a surprise turn to the North and East and ultimately missed Gainesville, but the damage was done. LSU fans and players called the Gators out for being too scared to play, not realizing that a majority of the Gators players were from areas affected by the storm. 

In the aftermath, LSU AD Joe Alleva refused to negotiate with UF AD Jeremy Foley.  Alleva didn’t want LSU to lose a home game to reschedule the game. Eventually, Florida gave in and traveled to Louisiana for an important game in the SEC East standings. 

The Gators won the game on a 4th down goal-line stand and celebrated winning the East on the LSU field. 

Too add fuel to the fire in the rivalry, the Tigers were forced to move their spring game inside after lightning was spotted in the area. 

Florida football’s official Twitter account made sure to notice tweeting at LSU Football (and since deleted) “Safety first.”

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Scheduling LSU as the homecoming opponent though, may be the most epic moment of shade-throwing ever since homecoming typically is against a team you expect to win, and win big.  Remember, this game wasn’t even supposed to be played in Gainesville this year. 

History is on Florida’s side as well. Florida has played LSU twice for Homecoming. Once in 1996 and again in 2006. Gators fans will remember that in each game both teams were ranked in the top 15, and Florida won those games. 

Not only did Florida win those games, they went on to win the National Championship in both years. 

With the way the Gators schedule has lined up this year, with all their difficult games being at home (Not including Michigan in Dallas), if history repeats itself, the Florida Gators will win the 2017 NCAA National Championship. 

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  1. That’s an interesting statistic about homecoming and national titles- I hope history repeats itself again! πŸ™πŸŠπŸˆ

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