According to Darren Heitner of the Sports Agent’s Blog, Chip Kelly did indeed sign a contract with UF officials on Sunday.

Heitner is also reporting (via sources) that Kelly verbally agreed to a deal prior to Florida’s game against South Carolina.

Apparently Florida, wanting to wait until after the season was over to announce a deal, gave Kelly the opportunity to back out of the deal within a certain timeframe.

ESPN’s Mark Schlabach reported that Kelly met with UCLA representatives in California on Tuesday.

Heitner is the one who broke the story of Jim McElwain’s agent being in negotiation with Florida for a mutual separation just before the Florida-Georgia game.

MY TAKE: This is pretty much aligned with everything I have been hearing. I’ve been told via several people that Kelly did sign a deal on Sunday.

Like most people I was confused about the UCLA reports, but Heitner appears to clarify that situation.

ALSO: In January 2012, Chip Kelly had agreed to terms with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before ultimately deciding to return to Oregon. The following year Kelly would leave for Philadelphia.

*More to come*

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