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39,476. The announced attendance of the Florida spring game.

Mullen had prepared the media for a troll job on April 8 when he stated, “maybe the attendance matches a score for a certain game in the season…maybe 41,014.” To be fair, the head coach had been asked if he’s ever fudged numbers for spring attendance.

While it took several days to figure out if there was any correlation between the attendance and a rival program, it soon became discovered (by the Florida Gators subreddit page):

It was actually one of the most epic trolls and forced people to look at Dan Mullen in a Spurrier-esque way.

On Monday, Dan Mullen began his circuit around the state to speak with the Gators Alumni clubs. His stop in Lakeland (Polk County Gator Club) produced the first question regarding the figure.

Mullen suggested that he wasn’t aware of it, but forced another swipe at the Florida-Georgia rivalry.

“I had no idea,” Mullen began, “I don’t even know how they came up with that number, the most random thing ever. But everybody started freaking out about it…until three days later when someone put together enough math to figure it out.”

Mullen continued, “maybe Georgia fans were really so uptight they haven’t won in thirty-nine years they got all uptight and tried to figure it out.”

While the Gators suffered a 36-17 loss to Georgia in October, both teams finished in a tie for seventh place in the final AP rankings.

The Kirby Smart-Dan Mullen rivalry doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon.

And let’s hope not.

As Mullen said Monday, “It was pretty funny.”

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