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Florida will play it’s home opener this weekend against UT-Martin. As exciting as the first game in the Swamp is, this one will be made even more special by a tribute to George “Mr. Two Bits” Edmondson. Fans are encouraged to participate in the event by wearing Mr. Two Bits’ iconic yellow shirt.

As Florida prepares for their meeting with the Skyhawks, Dan Mullen took a few moments to meet with the press, on Wednesday afternoon. Topics ranged from form tackling to the impact of hurricane Dorian and the school’s closing.

As is usually the case, Mullen declined to answer questions surrounding suspension. He offered the same pat answer, saying that he would make announcements on that — if there were any to make — about thirty minutes before kickoff on Saturday night.

In their week zero victory against Miami, the Gators made a lot of fundamental errors, including a plethora of missed tackles. Mullen brushed over the topic, saying that there were “a lot” of missed tackles. The staff utilized the bye week to brush up on fundamentals as well as to extend their “preseason” camp. Many of the practices last week were based on special teams and individual groups, rather than game week preparations.

Dorian posed a massive threat to the Atlantic coast early this week. As a precaution, the university closed on Tuesday and Thursday. The team was able to tweak their practice schedule, however, and will kickoff as scheduled at 7:30 p.m. this Saturday night. The game will be televised on ESPNU.

With such an underdog opponent, it is expected that the Gators will be up big, allowing some of the backups to get live game experience. When asked about the guys behind Feleipe Franks, Mullen responded with candor.

“Well, I don’t mind getting those guys in all the time,” said Mullen. “Those guys work hard at practice to go get reps, and so it’s… also, you never know how the games are gonna play out. You look at the last game, we didn’t run a ton of plays, but a lot of those were, you know, we’re turning the ball over. We had a great drive… turn the ball over. Then we had a one or two play drive and turned the ball over, and that’s really not getting you into the flow of things offensively. You know? And then we had a three play touchdown drive that was a short one, and then a four play touchdown drive that was a super-long one. You know? So it was kind of a different flowing type game. So the opportunity didn’t arise. Hopefully, the opportunity arises that we get more reps and get guys in the game.”

Mullen continued by making light of the constant debate surrounding the quarterback position and exaggerated reactions of the fan base and the media alike.

“I will say this,” Mullen stated. “If we do get a second quarterback into the game, whoever the first one is, you guys will make way too much out of already.”

The reactions and overreactions from Florida’s performance against Miami have kept the internet abuzz for the past two weeks, and I doubt it will slow down as the season continues. Florida has the opportunity to improve to 2-0 this weekend, while showing how much improvement they’ve made since their first outing.

Stay tuned for even more discussion and coverage from Chomp Talk as Saturday approaches.

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