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As per his usual schedule, Dan Mullen met with the Gators sports media on Monday afternoon. After a brief discussion about Saturday’s come from behind victory of Kentucky, Mullen dove right into the injury update.

CJ Henderson and Jabari Zuniga are both “right on the edge” of being ready to play. Because they are both veteran players and know what to do, Mullen is optimistic that they will get enough rest this week to be ready to go on Saturday. Amari Burney will be available against the Volunteers this weekend.

Just as expected, Feleipe Franks is done for the season. “He has a dislocated ankle… It comes with a fracture in there,” Mullen said, of Franks. Franks will undergo surgery on September 23rd and is expected to miss six months for recovery.

Mullen was asked about how much the offense will change now that Kyle Trask and Emory Jones will be sharing quarterback duties.

“Not a whole lot,” said Mullen. “You know, I expect us to play both guys in a combination of it for several different reasons. One, I think they both bring a little something different to the table. Not just in running plays, but even how they run certain plays. They’ve got a little bit different weapon. I think, now, you went from having two experienced, you would hope, two experienced backups to two inexperienced sstarters. We’ve got to get those guys in the game, and get them reps, and get them, you know, comfortable. But every time both of them have been in the game they’ve performed at a pretty high level for us. So you’re comfortable with that, but now it’s a little different role and you’ve gotta have both of them continue to get ready to go.”

The combination of skill sets harkens back to the 2006 national championship team when Chris Leak and a freshman Tim Tebow split duties behind center. When asked about whether this situation is similar, Mullen responded, “Could be.”

“We’ll see,” Mullen continued. “Emory’s much further along than Tim would have been in ’06. But you know, I think we’ll have the situations ’cause I think both… each guy brings a little bit something different issue to the defense. It crosses over a lot too, and so I think that’ll be kinda fun for us, offensively, to put it all together.”

During Florida’s comeback on Saturday night, Kentucky linebacker, Kash Daniel attempted to twist the ankle of Kyle Trask, as he lay at the bottom of the pile. Regardless of where your allegiance lies, there is absolutely zero place for intentionally attempting to injure somebody. Whether or not the University of Kentucky or the league officials issue any form of punishment is entirely up to them. However, Mullen was asked to give his opinion on the matter.

“You know, when that stuff happens, that’s something for the league office and the commissioner. You know, I’m sure… It’s around the media, I’m sure they’ve looked at it, as I’m sure it’s something they will address.”

As the Gators prepare for their second SEC game of the season, they will do so with a new pair of quarterbacks. Each brings their own unique talents, and I, for one, am excited to see what this new iteration of Florida Gators Football looks like.

The Gators play host to the Tennessee Volunteers, this Saturday, at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville. Coverage begins at noon EST on ESPN. Be sure to follow along throughout the week with Chomp Talk, as we provide all of latest news and updates!

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