WGYM Liveblog: No. 8 LSU at No. 2 Florida

The biggest night in the Southeastern Conference is here – the regular season title has gone back and forth between these two teams since its inception just a few years ago: it’s LSU vs. Florida, y’all! Last year was a doozy, as a closely-fought meet saw the Gators snap LSU’s home winning streak that was seasons long. Tonight will preview the likely fight at SEC Championships in postseason between these two stellar teams, but it’s still relatively early in the season, so nothing is certain. What is certain is that tonight will be a fight for every tenth, and we’ll be bringing you all the action here from the O-Dome!

Looks like head coach Jenny Rowland is taking an opportunity to shake things up tonight – she’s confirmed Sydney Johnson-Scharpf will be in on beam tonight, and it looked as though Payton Richards will be in on beam for Clapper’s usual spot and on floor for Hundley’s usual spot, but Hundley also warmed up. Baumann went out of her usual order but then warmed up her double lay separately after everyone was done. We’ll see where she actually falls in the lineup very shortly, as I should be getting a lineup sheet any minute.

It’s alumni night here in the O-Dome, so they brought out all the alumni present, from Maria Anz all the way to Amanda Cheney and Alicia Boren. Here’s the video of them processing back!

I have lineups! Richards confirmed AA, Hundley anchoring floor! Baumann into the 3 slot, Richards in for SJS in the leadoff. But SJS on beam, and Richards in for Clapper there. Here’s the full breakdown for you… if my tweet will ever go through.

7:31pm: Alright guys, let’s freakin go!

Alexander, VT: Cute pep talk from Hundley before she goes. FTY, super floaty, just one step back.

Johnson, UB: Maloney to bail, handstand is right on. Good handstand work, DLO stuck! At least I think. Jay is standing in front of me as per usual.

7:33pm: Baumann, VT: Y1.5, hop forward! Happy for her to hit that, that’s great for her confidence.

Dean, UB: good first handstand, if rushed. Ray is good. Good handstands on high bar. Bail was good. Good last handstand, if a little archy. DLO, little stutter step back.

7:34pm: Schoenherr, VT: Y1.5, bounce forward. Needs more control, but nice in the air.

Rivers, UB: I clearly missed something in there because it looked hit to me, but they didn’t celebrate and Rivers looked sad as she hugged Jay? There are a lot of people between me and the bars though.

7:36pm: Reed, VT: Y1.5, baby hop forward. Less swimming and less on her toes too. She’s finally finding the control, I dig it.

Durante, UB: Hecht mount jumping over the low bar, great handstands, Jaeger super high, lovely. Pak, legs are just glued together. Handstand on the low bar is good too. Great last handstand! Full in, aww she couldn’t find the landing. Hop forward. Otherwise a fabulous routine.

7:38pm: Thomas, VT: Y1.5, little hop forward, a lot like Reed’s, but maybe a hair less control?

Edney, UB: Great first handstand. Hindorff is gorgeous. Good handstand work, bail a little floppy but hits 90. Good last handstand. DLO, slide back.

7:40pm: Richards, VT: Y1.5, WOW! Smallest of shuffles on the landing, maybe a slight knee bend too early in the air, huge distance.

Harrold, UB: Zuchold is a huge hit here with the crowd, good handstand in it. Jaeger is fine, sticks her double front! She never does that! Good for her.

AFTER ONE: UF 49.4, LSU 49.425.

Holy crap, y’all. This one is gonna be close.

Looks like Baker is watching from home, as she wasn’t in the alumni procession earlier. She knows what’s up though!

I agree, I thought her handstands could’ve been more definitive, especially compared to someone like Durante before her. I’ll be interested to see what they do for Skaggs, Ms. Aggressive Handstand herself.

7:49pm: Time for rotation two!

Rivers, VT: FTY, maybe a small shuffle but damn close to stuck. Not as high or far as Alexander, but definitely better landing.

Richards, UB: Good first handstand. Maloney good. Bail is good. Great last handstand! DLO bounce back.

7:51pm: Rau, VT: Y1.5, a little off kilter and big step to the side to steady herself. Idk if that’s worth it for the SV over a full from someone who can be clean.

Gowey, UB: Good first handstand. Ray is great, nice and high. Good handstand work after. Pak is lovely. Low bar handstand is TEXTBOOK but her last handstand was a little short to me. DLO dismount slide back.

7:52pm: Harrold, VT: Y1.5, STUCK COLD WHAT

Hundley, UB: Good first handstand. Maloney to pak, no leg sep this week in that. Next handstand was short. Van Leeuwen, normal leg sep. Last handstand a little short. Slung that dismount out but STUCK it!

7:54pm: Edwards, VT: Y1.5, small hop. She’s so good this season.

Schoenherr, UB: Good first handstand. Jaeger IS HUGE. Good handstands following, being patient. Bail a little floppy to me? Great last handstand. Double front half out STUCK we are getting these landing tonight y’all.

7:56pm: Edney, VT: Y1.5, little adjustment back it looked like. I wish they would show the away team in slow mo too.

Skaggs, UB: First handstand maybe a little shy. Tkachev to pak is GREAT. Rushed through her low bar handstand. She’s got to quit rushing, her last one was short ish too. DLO was stuck though! Not as good as Schoenherr (who got a 9.975 btw!)

7:58pm: Johnson, VT: DTY! Little hop forward it looked like, but it was small.

Thomas, UB: Great first handstand. Maloney legs pasted together, uprise to a perfect handstand. Pak is good. Van Leeuwen, legs together. Great last handstand! DLO stuck it! Crowd and team are all screaming for the 10, and it might happen….


AFTER TWO: UF 99.050, LSU 99.000

It is so close, man. But now we go to beam and floor – this is where either magic or disaster could strike.

8:08pm: Time for rotation three!

Hundley, BB: Front aerial to sissone, good. Jump series. Bhs loso, locks her arms down. Switch side, good. Full turn, hesitates but gets through it fine. Roundoff 1.5 stuck! Continuing the trend, I like it.

8:10pm: Harrold, FX: Front double full, controls her energy in a big step forward. Double pike, lunge back. I love this routine, honestly. It’s got the drama and all the musicality moments and she hits them really nicely. 1.5 front lay, dances out. A good start for them.

8:12pm: SJS, BB: Okay, let’s see how it goes! Havana for her beam music, I love it. Punch front, dead on! Bhs loso, locks it down, good for her. Full turn, fine. Showing so much confidence here, I’m obsessed. Jenny told me earlier, “It’s time,” and I fully agree seeing this now. Switch half is good. Dismount sequence is a handstand to bhs to back full, STICKS IT! Yes! So stoked for her.

8:14pm: Gunter, FX: Double arabian – maybe OOB? Hard to see from this angle and the cameraman is between me and the judge. Combo pass is good. This is probably the best I’ve seen her perform this, great energy and hitting her angles more sharply. Double back is good to finish!

8:16pm: Richards, BB: I missed the beginning, apologies. Triple series is a dream, so calm. Switch to straddle, good positions. Side aerial to back full, hop back. Another good one though.

8:18pm: Edwards, FX: DLO to open, good. Combo pass, she was off on the first element and ends up on the floor… and she’s hurt.

8:21pm: Baumann, BB: If anyone can go after that and be fine, it’s Lyss. The ice queen. Bhs loso is great. Switch to switch half, lovely. Side aerial, perfect. Roundoff 1.5 STUCK! That’s my girl.

8:23pm: Campbell, FX: They’re walking Edwards off on crutches and she just cheered for Raegan. I can’t. Campbell opens with a 2.5, gorgeous. Second pass is good too. She’s really working this for just watching her teammate go down. Double pike is short, stumbles forward a little but no hand down. That’s the corner where Edwards fell so.

8:25pm: Gowey, BB: Triple series a hit. Front aerial to sissone, yes. Full turn perfect. Gainer full stuck! I must’ve missed her dance series.

8:27pm: Edney, FX: Double arabian, looked a lil funky in the air but landing was fine. Bringing it through the distractions. Combo pass is good. Second split looked short in her jump series. Double back, chest down but pops it open quickly.

8:29pm: Thomas, BB: Amazing so far. Bhs loso, perfect. Front aerial to beat to korbut swingdown, big hit in the arena. Side aerial back full, little slide. Won’t be another 10, but a good score.

8:31pm: Johnson, FX: Full in, perfectly controlled! 1.5 front lay, another pass with just incredible control. Into the “You Should See Me in a Crown” section and the team is yelling, getting her hype. Double pike, a little bouncy but uses the lunge to keep it small. A good closer for her.

AFTER THREE: UF 148.725, LSU 148.25

Obviously I love that the Gators are leading, but not like this.

8:40pm: Dean, BB: Full turn is great, very confident off the top here. Side aerial bhs, that’s fun! I forgot she did that. Switch to split quarter. Side aerial back full, small shuffle it looked like?

8:41pm: Richards, FX: Love seeing her make AA! DLO to open, great control on her landing. This routine is a little posey for me, but she makes it work for her. A little short on her straddle in her second dance element. Punch front through to double back, a little short but pops up quick. Gators are keeping the energy going for them, they’re not letting anything affect them.

8:43pm: Rivers, BB: Bhs loso, bobble to the side but straightens up. Full turn is good. Switch half looked shy to me. Switch to split 1/4, those were okay. Cat leap to side aerial, straight on. Gainer pike stuck! Good recovery.

8:44pm: Gowey, FX: Love seeing her in this lineup. Showing off that extension in this beginning choreo, yes. Front lay to Rudi to split jump, I think she added that in today, if I heard her during warmups correctly! Dance elements looked good. Double back, great control.

8:46pm: Durante, BB: Bhs loso, snaps those arms down. Switch to split 1/4. Interesting that so many of them are doing that combo. Stuck her dismount! Well done.

8:48pm: Baumann, FX: Bringing the drama! Just the double tuck still, the DLO is looking better and better though in warmups. Great control on her combo pass, just one step to dance out. Double pike, looked like she was gonna be short but made it around just fine! That’ll be a big one, me thinks.

8:50pm: Edney, BB: Front aerial to sissone, lovely. Bhs loso, doesn’t even need to lock her arms down, she’s so straight on. Dance series is good. Full turn, fine. Front toss, lands standing straight up because that’s how she does. 1.5 dismount, rises up on her toes, but brings it back down for the stick!

8:52pm: Reed, FX: DLO to open, good control, doesn’t overpower like she does sometimes. Jump series is good. Front lay to Rudi, just a little lunge out. Drumline section, the whole team is doing it too, love it. Just the double pike now, lands super upright, crowd is going BONKERS. She just grins over at Jeremy when she finishes, she knows she killed it!

8:54pm: Johnson, BB: Full turn, solid. Bhs loso, looks like she wants to wobble but locks those arms down. The power of the arm swing, man. Switch to switch half looked good. Front aerial is beautiful, fun handstand bit grasping the beam. Roundoff double full stuck! Talk about fight from the Tigers. They aren’t letting this one go.

8:56pm: Thomas, FX: DLO, lays it back into that lunge. Combo pass into her split jump, perfect control. Great control on her dance elements this week – she watched that video, you know she did. Crowd goes crazy for the worm to oversplit. Double pike, and Owen is already encouraging the audience to scream before the music even finishes. Boos from the crowd as it seems she doesn’t get the ten this time.

8:58pm: Campbell, BB: Only saw a slight lean on her switch half, everything else I missed because apparently Johnson got a 10???? Hop on her dismount too, but I would guess everything else was good from the cheers.

9:00pm: Hundley, FX: Love letting her anchor, this is that kind of routine. Whip double tuck to open, good control into the lunge. Crowd getting into with the handclaps. Double pike, chest a little low for my liking but good control. Dance series is good, shapes are fine and she goes straight to the floor so no need to control the landing, haha. Preparing for her last pass. 1.5 to front lay, she’s practically screaming for herself as she dances into her final pose. It won’t be a 10 like they’re screaming for, but it’s a hit, and that’s all the Gators needed for a win.

FINAL: UF 198.375, LSU 197.775

That will be an away score LSU can be proud of, despite losing Edwards, and Florida notches the HIGHEST SCORE in the nation thus far this season!

Vault goes to Edney and Harrold with 9.95, bars to Thomas with a 10, beam to Johnson with a 10, and floor to Johnson and Thomas with 9.975s. AA will go to Thomas with a 39.775!

Thanks for joining me for the massive rollercoaster that was tonight! Recap will be up tomorrow night or Sunday morning for you guys. Goodnight!


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