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2021 Recruiting Profile: OLB Chief Borders

Photo by Christopher Nee / 247Sports

It’s easy to become restless these days. By now, mass boredom has set in from self quarantining and the lack of sports being played. In fact, this has even taken a toll on the amount of content we, in the sports media, have created. One of the benefits is that it has really pushed many of us to become more creative when trying to generate quality content that keeps you informed and entertained.

The same is true for us, here at Chomp Talk. However, we think we may have a cure for the boredom that ails you. Those of you who have been chomping at the bit for any form of genuine sports content are in for a treat. While there are many exciting things in the works at Chomp Talk, I am especially excited about this series.

We thought with everyone being forced to slow down, now is the perfect opportunity to get to know some of the newest members of Gator Nation. Without further ado, I am pleased to introduce you to four-star outside linebacker, Chief Borders.

Chief committed to Florida in November of last year and brings size, speed, and a tenacious playing style to the Gators. Recently, I had the chance to speak with him about his recruitment and what he is most looking forward to as a Gator.

The 6’3″ 230-pound athlete has been spending his time at home in Carrollton, Georgia during the coronavirus outbreak. However, he is making the most of his time, trying to improve himself mentally and physically.

“The coronavirus is a big adjustment to everyone. But for me, while everyone is on the game, I’m grinding in the gym and in the books. I can’t move around like that but I got a big neighborhood to work with.”

While being forced to keep up with his own strength and conditioning, Chief has an invaluable asset in his relationship with Coach Nick Savage. The Gators strength coach has yielded incredible results for the players on the team over the past three offseasons and has even been able to offer tips to the team’s recruits.

“I can talk to him and he can advise me on workouts and things of that nature,” Chief stated.

Chief is an intelligent young man who has clearly defined his goals and understands the importance of life outside of football. Although his athletic talents have provided a path, he isn’t taking for granted the value of a great education. When asked if there was any specific thing about the university that most attracted him, the pre-med major was ready to respond.

“Just the school, in general, is a great place and has everything I need to be a successful legend in life. And football was the [sic] bonus!”

The University of Florida is the premier university in the state of Florida and has many attributes that draw recruits from all over the nation. For players like Chief, the academic opportunities that are afforded to them are a major draw. However, the chance to play for an SEC powerhouse on the biggest stage in college football is just as important to them. Schools like Florida offer the best of both worlds and give incoming recruits the opportunity to receive direction from some of the best coaches in the business.

“As soon as I touched down on campus. Right after Ray Lewis Camp and 7v7 Nationals…” Chief said of when he knew Florida was his college football home. He continued by explaining what excited him the most about playing under defensive coordinator, Todd Grantham and where he felt he could make the greatest impact.

“All over the defense… anywhere, to make plays. Our relationship is great!”

Although Borders lives in Georgia, he doesn’t feel that the distance from home would have impacted his decision regardless of where he chose to go to school. He has been blessed with a strong foundation of support, both at home and at the University of Florida.

“My family will travel anywhere,” Borders replied. “And my big bros are Diabate, Jon Greenard, and Rashad Torrence. I have more but those are my top three,” he continued.

When asked if his brothers within the Gators football program have offered him any advice to ease his transition from high school to D1 football, Chief’s response was simple and short.

“They said, ‘Just keep grinding. It’s only hard if you make it that way.” As we concluded the interview, Chief had one final enthusiastic statement, “Go Gators!”


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