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Gainesville, Fla.- The Florida Gators are looking forward to redeeming themselves against Alabama after drawing to a tie in their first game. Florida will host the Crimson Tide at 5 p.m. at Donald R Dizney Stadium. For the second time in the fall season, the Gators are facing another ranked team.

It does not matter what school the Gators play against, they are expected to be the best.

“We know that the teams are going for blood because we are Florida. That is what they do,” Florida sophomore Cameron Hall said.

The Florida Gators have a large advantage in the series against the Crimson Tide. However, in their last game matchup in Tuscaloosa, both teams battled to a draw 1-1. Currently UF leads the series 20-1-1.

The Gators won their first game against Alabama at home in 1995. The record has continued as they never lost a home game against the Crimson Tide. The Gators have scored 74 goals, an average of 3.08 per match. A record that might be aggravated this Sunday as every Gator is looking forward to playing a good game this Sunday.

Based on their history, the Gators are the favorite for this matchup, but that has not stopped them from doing their homework. They are ready to attack and counter-attack the Crimson Tide.

About the championship

Only 15 teams are ranked because of the limited number of teams participating in the 2020 fall season due to the unusual start of the season. On Sept. 22, United Soccer Coaches released their last weekly national rankings.  The current ranking included five SEC teams – No. 5 Texas A&M, No. 8 Georgia, No. 9 Arkansas, No. 13 Vanderbilt, and No. 15 Alabama.

About the game 

The only scorer for the Gators so far for the 2020 fall season, Deanne Rose, will be present with the other 33 other Gators.

Suzi Espinoza keeps proving why she is one of the best goalkeepers in the nation, and she will keep showing it this Sunday.

The Gators can also count on the return of one of their best players, Parker Roberts.

Meanwhile, Alabama returns with eight of the 2019 staters who helped the team advance to the quarterfinals last year.  In its opening game of the season, Alabama registered a win 3-1 over Tennessee at home. The battled to a 1-1 tie against Mississippi State in its first road action of 2020.

Junior Riley Mattingly scored twice on her first game of the season against the University of Tennessee.

Florida’s Kraze Krush (youth league) might see three of its players playing against each other this Sunday. Gators freshmen Maddy RhodesIzzy Kadzban, and Crimson Tide goalkeeper, McKinley Crone were produced by this academic program.

Wes Hart is in his fourth season for the University of Alabama.

Gators’ word on the fans being present at the stadium

The fans remain the most important support to the Gators. The number is small, but the Gators took their time to express their contentment towards the fans.

“Oh my Goodness! I love having the fans in the stand,” Hall said. “I think what we missed from playing in the COVID Cup games was really having big sports systems. So seeing them in the stand and being able to hear their cheers, even the opposing fans. It was really cool to finally feel like it was a game-day experience.”

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