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The No. 9 Gators volleyball team held on for another win against the unranked LSU Tigers Thursday. The final score of the match was 3-1, Florida.

This was not an easy win for the Gators, by a long shot. The Tigers came back from yesterday’s sweep fighting– leading the Gators in both attacks and kills for the night.

Here is how it happened

Set 1: 25-17 UF

The two teams started out the first set with back-and-forth action. However, Florida came back to take a strong lead 18-11. LSU began their process of slowly chipping away the 7-point lead, but a string of kills by the Gators and a lost challenge ultimately cost LSU the set.

Set 2: 25-22 LSU

The second game was a nailbiter with neck-and-neck action between both teams. Neither team held much of a lead over the other until the Gators committed a couple of errors towards the end of the set to give LSU the slight advantage.

Set 3: 25-20 UF

The beginning of the third set mirrored the previous set. Both the Tigers and the Gators presented back-and-forth action without giving one team much of a lead over the other. After coming back from a timeout taken by LSU, the Gators began to take the slight edge on the set 22-18. A few final kills by the Ceasar gave the Gators the win.

Set 4: 25-19 UF

Florida came into the final set with an early lead over LSU, 6-1. However, the Tigers began the process of trying to dismantle the lead held by the Gators. This set saw numerous errors that affected both teams, and it led to a timeout taken by LSU. However, similar to the ending of the third set, a final few kills by Ceasar gave the Gators the set and match win.



McKissock, 22

Ceasar, 15


Carlton, 3


Ceasar, 20

Hall, 19


Carlton, 3

Ceasar, 2

McKissock, 2

What’s Next?

The Gators will go back on the road to take on Mississippi State in Starkville for a two-part series against the Bulldogs. The matches will take place on Feb. 19 and 20, and they are slated to begin at 7 p.m.

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