The first COVID-19 incident has hit the Gator gymnastics team as tonight, several star athletes will have to miss out in the Link to Pink meet against Kentucky.

Trinity Thomas, Nya Reed, Savannah Schoenherr, and Sydney Johnson-Scharpf will all be watching from home tonight as they quarantine according to the SEC and UF COVID-19 protocols. This will force the Gators to test their depth, likely allowing senior Alyssa Baumann to make her all-around debut and junior Leah Clapper to return to the three events she showed earlier this year. We may also see the freshmen step in, as Gabbie Gallentine has a strong beam routine to potentially contribute, and Chloi Clark did an exhibition bars routine earlier in the season.

Tonight will be a true test for the Gators though, as Kentucky is no pushover. Sophomore Raena Worley is ranked No. 10 in the AA nationally, and teammates Josie Angeny and Bailey Bunn are also in the top 40. Worley (FX) and Cally Nixon (VT) are also both ranked in the top 10 on individual events, and Bunn has earned a nod for SEC Freshman of the Week as well. The Gators will have to be on their game if they want to stay undefeated through this difficult blow.

Join us here for all the excitement at 7pm, and you can watch along on SEC Network.

6:47pm: Your vault lineup tonight looks a liiiiittle different:

6:50pm: 10 minutes until this meet is supposed to go live and we’re… watching a baseball game? The fourth inning? I have concerns.

6:53pm: Oh good, baseball is switching to SECN alternate, we’re seeing the national anthem at Florida briefly. Some athletes still kneeling! Wonderful to see.

Yes. Baumann has traditionally warmed up her DLO and only ever performed it once, maybe twice. But being in the AA, we could see it tonight. Still, I think assistant coach Burde will be playing it even a little safer than usual tonight, based on the lack of depth.

Here we goooooo!

7:02pm: Taylor, VT: FTY, big bounce back, little pike in the hips. A good start, though.

Bunn, UB: Great opening handstands. Jaeger, caught a little close maybe? Bail is solid. Short last handstand. DLO stuck! Wow!

7:04pm: Baumann, VT: Just the FTY, leg sep in the air in slow mo. Hop on the landing.

Davis, UB: First cast to handstand was kinda weird, legs looked bent? Jaeger is good. Bail a little short. DLO, little steadying step to the side.

7:06pm: Foberg, VT: Great to see her back! FTY, better in the air than the previous two. Bounce back on the landing.

Nixon, UB: Maloney to bail is good. Rushing the handstands a little. Full in sooo high, little adjustment.

7:08pm: Richards, VT: Just the FTY still, as I suspected. Pretty clean. Small bounce.

Worley, UB: Great first handstands! Tkachev is lovely. Pak is great, good toe point and leg form. Last handstand solid. Full in stuck! Drops it in like a pro – THAT’S why she’s top 10 in the AA, y’all.

7:10pm: Lazzari, VT: FTY, STUCK! YES MA’AM!

Luksik, UB: Huge Ray, little flexed feet, caught it but bumped her feet on the low bar and ended up coming off, oof. Can’t tell handstands from this weird front angle. Short on last handstand, step on the DLO dismount.

7:13pm: Skaggs, VT: Love seeing her anchor this lineup, what a leader she’s become. FTY, tried sooo hard to stick it but shoulders were too far in front of her feet and she bends forward. Not her greatest moment.

Angeny, UB: Good ifrst handstands. Jaeger is great, to immediate overshoot, fine I guess. DLO stuck! Kentucky will be able to drop the fall then.

AFTER ONE: UF 49.125, UK 48.975

Lazzari leads for the vault title at the moment, 9.875, and Nixon with the same mark leads bars competition.

Your bars lineup:

Don’t know where the change was, but Kentucky is now at 49.075.

7:25pm: Bunn vaulted and we missed it on the broadcast?? Come on, SECN. Apparently got a 9.8, so a good one.

Richards, UB: First handstand a little shy? Maloney to bail is good. Owen spotting her a little closer than I’m used to? DLO, kinda whippy, hop forward.

7:27pm: Magnelli, VT: front handspring pike half, nice height, twist is very open but seemed slow to me somehow. Hop back.

Gallentine, UB: Horrible camera angle again. Maloney to pak is great. Little bobble as she stood on the low bar, eek. DLO, little adjustment.

7:29pm: Patterson, VT: Another handspring pike half, cool! Crazy height, bounce on the landing.

Lazzari, UB: Tkachev is lovely. Good handstand there, pak is clean and floaty. Great last handstand. Full in, stutter step back and to the side.

7:31pm: Worley, VT: Y1.5, little jump to the front and side.

Skaggs, UB: Tkachev to pak, sooo clean. Rushed her low bar piro. Great last handstand! DLO, tried too hard to stick again – Skaggs, quit with the try-hard landings! Just be normal.

7:33pm: Angeny, VT: Y1.5, came in short and had to hop back, a pretty big one.

Tfw Kentucky has more 10.0 SV vaults than Florida… really hope everyone can be good to go next meet.

Clapper, UB: Good first handstand. Piked Jaeger, pretty clean. Bail had a little angle in the shoulders. Short on last handstand. Blind full to double tuck, could’ve stuck it but hopped as she saluted.

7:35pm: Nixon, VT: FTY is super clean and hiiiiigh, little bounce on the landing. Interesting lineup strategy for them.

Baumann, UB: Her collegiate bars debut!!!! Jaeger is gorgeous! Bail has a little angle again. Good last handstand. DLO, maybe stuck? Maybe small adjustment? Slow mo shows small step sideways. Oh and she’s crying, she’s so happy, so happy for her. We need to put our mask back on though, and y’all, stop hugging her! I know it’s emotional… but COVID.

AFTER TWO: UF 98.5, UK 98.175

Not to mention that the last time we were talking about an AA debut for her, she had a scary fall in day-before-meet warmup and had to be out for that meet because of concussion protocol… I’m so proud of her. Holy cow.

7:44pm: Richards, BB: Bhs loso loso, so solid. Switch to straddle, good. Side aerial to back full, stuck! She’s such a solid leadoff for them. Love it.

7:46pm: Bunn, FX: Double pike, very steady on that landing. Great precision on dance series. 1.5 to front pike, basically stuck. Rudi to close, a little chest down. A great start for them too!

7:48pm: Skaggs, BB: Wolf turn is good this week. Leap series lovely. Bhs loso, fantastic. Cat leap switch side, nothing flashy but stays steady. Side aerial back full stuck! Gets the stick she’s been fighting for all night.

7:50pm: Haigis, FX: I’m having Bridgey flashbacks oh Lord. First tumbling pass is solid, though I missed exactly what it was. Long choreo section here. Dance series is good. Double pike is great! A solid two-pass routine.

7:52pm: Lazzari, BB: Bhs loso loso, think I saw a teeny hesitation but she didn’t budge. Switch to split, just gorgeous. Side aerial back full also stuck! This beam team is on fire tonight.

7:54pm: Clarke, FX: front double full, little stutter on the landing but keeps it small. Front lay front full, nice control there. Did she do a whip half there or did I hallucinate? Front 1.5 to close, another solid one for Kentucky.

7:56pm: Baumann, BB: Bhs loso, just so clean and precise, amazing. Switch to split, great extension. Front aerial, steady. Full turn is great. Switch half, one leg a little low? Roundoff 1.5 stuck cold! That will be a great score for her. I personally wouldn’t go 10, but it was excellent.

7:58pm: Davis, FX: Double pike to start, nice. 1.5 to layout, doesn’t use the extra mat for some reason? A little off on the Rudi to finish, hop forward.

8:00pm: Clapper, BB: Bhs loso loso, stays steady. Full turn is good. Switch to split, good 180 positions. Side aerial back full, stuck! Big celebration from her, she’s so happy, aww.

8:02pm: Angeny, FX: Double pike to start, great there. Dance series is lovely. 1.5 to front lay, good control out of it. Double tuck, kinda cowboyed, hops back. Love her ending choreo though, she definitely has that extra something about her.

8:03pm: Taylor, BB: She has noooo pressure on her, let’s see how she does. Front toss to sissone, that’s nice. Bhs loso, little check there but snaps those arms down. Full turn, makes that leg bobble into a little tap behind herself, very good cover. Bhs gainer full, little hop. Glad they let her go even though they had five hits, what great experience and really shows her versatility.

8:05pm: Worley, FX: Full in! Very nice. Switch ring to switch side, good control and positions. Front full to front lay, good. Double tuck to finish – why haven’t I watched this routine yet this season? This was stellar.

AFTER THREE: UF 148.175, UK 147.475

Scoring on floor seems a little low, we’ll see if that continues for the home team.

Someone screen recorded Trinity Thomas’s Insta story as she watched Baumann’s bars from home – I’m not crying, you’re crying! What sweet friendship!

Another score adjustment for Kentucky: Bunn’s floor was raised to a 9.825, bringing them up to 147.525.

8:14pm: Haigis, BB: Small check, ooh, larger a little, on her series. Fun dance sequence in there. Beat to sheep, oof, awkward legs and stutters as she lands. Front aerial, much better. Roundoff 1.5, little slide back.

8:16pm: Clapper, FX: Double back to start, takes it riiiight to the line but stays in. 1.5 to front lay to stag, lovely. Switch side to Popa, good straddle positions. Double pike, flag goes up as she goes OOB. A good start, wish she’d been in able to stay in though.

8:18pm: Magnelli, BB: Gorgeous triple series! Switch side, solid. Full turn, super confident. Roundoff 1.5, hop forward. She’s got that beam queen quality to her, I loved that.

8:20pm: Skaggs, FX: Keeps that double wolf turn under control this week. Rudi to split leap, nice. Her extension and flexibility is just… I have a big ol’ heart eyes emoji on my face right now. Combo pass to finish, solid control. Another great one for the Gators!

8:22pm: Nixon, BB: Little lineup change here. Bhs loso, lovely long extension there. Switch to split, lovely toe point. Front aerial to split jump, little hesitation, keeps it small. Bhs 1.5, little step back. Another hit for the Cats!

8:23pm: Richards, FX: DLO, one of her better ones! 1.5 to front lay, great rise out of that second element. Dance series is clean, a little bouncy on the landing. Double tuck to close, a little bouncy on the landing but she keeps it in bounds.

8:25pm: Bunn, BB: Bhs loso loso, suuuuper solid. Love it. Switch to split, very nice. Roundoff double full! Little adjustment on the landing. Did she do a full turn or did I just miss it?

8:27pm: Lazzari, FX: Still just the double pike this week, bounce back – it’s TIME for that pike full in please. 1.5 to front lay to stag, gorgeously floaty. Dance series is great, showing off that precision. Double tuck to finish, landed on the edge of the sting mat which looked a little awkward, but she covered well.

8:29pm: Worley, BB: Cat leap switch side, really uses the length of the beam. Front aerial to bhs loso, that’s NICE. A little knees but I almost don’t care? Full turn is good. Roundoff 1.5 stuck! She’s such a star for them, wow.

8:31pm: Baumann, FX: She has her GAME face on. Here we go. Double tuck, two foot stick! Such an open position too. I’m not even mad we didn’t get the double lay. 1.5 to front full, just flicks those arms as she steps out. Gorgeous split and straddle positions in the dance series. Double pike to finish, just the lunge and that’s going to be a HUGE score.

8:32pm: Angeny, BB: I love her on beam, she’s got such presence. Bhs loso loso, takes the ENTIRE length of the beam. Front aerial, patient with it. Switch to beat jump to knee, so smooth. Side aerial back full STUCK, that’ll be a great score for Kentucky, WOW.

8:34pm: Taylor, FX: Again, no pressure, let’s see what she can do! Double tuck to open, good height and control. 1.5 to front lay to stag, that’s the best I’ve seen her do that. Switch side Popa, good. Double pike to finish, overcooks it and stumbles back a little, but it doesn’t even matter, Florida wins and earns a massive 197.4 even WITHOUT their biggest stars.

FINAL: UF 197.5, UK 196.875

This stat is INSANE. We are, of course, talking about Richards (39.375), Lazzari (39.475), Skaggs (39.5), Baumann (39.65), and Thomas, who has a season high of 39.9. Absolutely crazy.

Thanks for joining me tonight, Gator fans! Follow me @mycluttereddesk on Twitter for live tweet updates from the press conference – otherwise, we’ll see you next time.

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