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The No. 7 Florida Gators defeated the Texas A&M Aggies Wednesday night. The final score of the match was 3-0, and the Gators advanced to an overall record of 18-3.

Coming into the match, the Gators had suffered their first loss in 12 weeks after a clean sweep by Kentucky last week. In this match up, the Gators had only suffered three losses in the regular season, meanwhile the Aggies held a 9-5 record.

Set 1: 25-23 Gators

The Aggies jumped out to an early advantage over the Gators going up two points at the 4-2 mark. The Aggies were able to hold a consistent lead going into the middle portion of the set. Going into the first timeout of the set, the Aggies were up by three with a score of 15-12. The Gators called a timeout after the Aggies had gained their largest lead of the night when they went up 19-15. Coming out of the timeout, the Gators worked to diminish the Aggies lead, and they tied up the game at 19-19 . However, the Aggies regained a slight advantage of two points and forced another Gator timeout at the 22-20 mark. When play resumed, the Gators were able to pull ahead 24-22, and this time, the Aggies called a timeout as the Gators reached match point. Despite the Aggies attempts to reduce the lead, the Gators cinched the first set win of the night.

Set 2: 25-19 Gators

The Gators came into the second set with the early lead as they went up 5-2. However, the Aggies worked to tick away the Gators lead by coming within one point of the Gators before the Gators took off again. The Gators then went on an impressive 7-1 run to go up 12-4 over the Aggies. To no avail by the Aggies, the Gators were able to create a 10 point difference with a score of 19-9. The Aggies came within five points of the Gators at 23-18, but the Gators finished the set strong and added another win to their belt.

Set 3: 25-20 Gators

Similar to the second set, the Gators came out and took the early lead as they went up 5-0 over the Aggies. The Aggies worked to regain their ground, but the Gators were able to keep a consistent lead over the Aggies. The set came to a one-point difference after the Aggies completed a 3-0 run to make the score 11-10. The Aggies were able to trail closely behind the Gators for the next few point exchanges, but the Gators were able to lurch forward once again as they went on a 4-0 run to go up 16-12. The Aggies once again tried to reduce the lead and came within two points at the 20-18 mark. However it wasn’t enough for the Aggies as the Gators were able to finish out the set with a five point lead.



Hall, 9

Ceasar, 7

Carlton, 6

Forte, 5


Hall, 7

Ceasar, 6

McKissock, 4

Monserez, 3


Ceasar, 4

Forte, 3

Carlton, 2

Dooley, 2


Monserez, 2

Carlton, 2

McKissock, 1

What’s Next?

The Gators return Thursday night at 7 p.m. to take on the Aggies again in College Station. This will be the final match of regular season play for the Gators.

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