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In their last regular game of the season, the Florida Gators women’s volleyball team deafted the Texas A&M Aggies Thursday night with a final score of 3-1. This was the second match of two in a two-part series against the Aggies.

In the previous match, the Gators were able to hold the Aggies winless with a sweep over the Aggies. The Gators dominated the Aggies for the most part again tonight, but a tough second set gave the Aggies their first win over the Gators in this series.

Set 1: 25-19 Gators

The Gators nabbed the early lead, but the Aggies followed closely behind. However, the Gators were able to hold this advantage for several points until the Aggies began to play a game of catch up. The two teams were finally tied 10-10 when the Aggies began to pull ahead. The Gators did not let this edge last long and tied the set again at 14-14 and again at 16-16. This time coming out of the tie, the Gators began to pull ahead. Unfortunately for the Aggies, the Gators were able to hold them off to win the set with a six point lead.

Set 2: 27-25 Aggies

To begin the second set of the night, the Aggies took the slight advantage, going up 5-3. However, the Gators were quick to turn the lead around and pulled out a massive run 7-0 run to go up 10-5 over the Aggies. The Gators were able to keep a 4 to 5 point lead over the Aggies for the majority of the set. In a stunning fashion, the Aggies were able to muster up strength to hold off the Gators and catch up to them at the 23-23 mark. The two teams then began to go swap match points back-and-forth until a double kill by the Aggies cinched them their first win of the night.

Set 3: 25-17 Gators

The Gators jumped to an early lead to begin the third set, going up 6-3. The Aggies quickly caught up to the Gators with a 3-0 run to tie up the game at 6-6. The two teams showed off with some back-and-forth action. Neither team gained a significant edge over the other, and they frequently tied until the Gators pulled ahead three points at 19-16. From this point on the Gators held their lead. The Gators went on a massive 6-0 run to hold the Aggies to 17 points. The Gators claimed their second win of the match.

Set 4: 25-13 Gators

The Aggies came back from the third set ready to take a lead. They were up 4-2 when the Gators gained their traction and the set tied up at the 5-5 mark. Coming out of the tie, the Gators were able to lurch forward with a 10-2 run to put them up 14-7. The Aggies scored a couple of points to try to reduce the lead over them, but the Gators took off again and continued to widen the gap between the two. The Gators were able to create a massive 12 point gap as they reached the final point of the set. With this thrid victory, the Gators cinched the match win.



Ceasar, 14

Hall, 13

Forte, 12


Forte, 5

Carlton, 5

Ceasar, 5


Monserez, 4

Hall, 2

McKissock, 2


McKissock, 18

Ceasar, 13

Monserez, 10

What’s Next?

This was the last regular season game for the Gators. The next time the Gators will take a court will be in the NCAA volleyball tournament to try their shot at bringing home the title.

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