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Florida looked strong in possession throughout Sunday’s match, but were held scoreless for the second straight game. In a game dominated by Florida, Miami’s only shot on goal would give them the golden goal in overtime.

Miami defeated Florida 1-0 to improve to 2-1-0 while the Gators dropped to 0-3-1 on the season. 

The Gators were gifted an early opportunity to take the lead when Junior Kouri Peace got past the defense. Peace sent a shot wide right, unable to take advantage of an open net after a mistake from Miami’s goalkeeper, Melissa Dagenais.

Struggles from Thursday’s game lingered versus Miami, as the Gators were unable to find the last pass to get past Miami’s back line. 

Defensively, Florida kept Miami on the outside in efforts to limit Miami from getting looks in the box. 

The Hurricanes took seven corners in the first half, but the Gator’s defense held their ground, preventing Miami from taking any shots on Goldberg.

After the half, Florida came out energized, continuing to dominate time of possession. The ball was controlled by the Gators for the majority of the half as their ball movement led to nine shots. Five of those came on goal adding to their two in the first half.

“We were hoping by having some volume chances that would lead to goals” Amato said. “I think just that final decision at the top of the box, whether it’s somebody stepping through the ball on a shot or getting on the end of a cross or getting in a position to deliver a quality cross – we didn’t find that key moment there.”

Seven shots on goal were not enough as Dagenais made a play on all of them, increasing her save total to twelve on the season, sending the game to overtime.

A different story emerged as overtime play began. Florida was unable to preserve their offensive momentum, and Miami took control of the ball. A Miami free kick led to Taylor Shell sending a ball through Goldberg, awarding Miami with their second win of the season.

“As the game went on, it was going to come down to one moment” Amato said. “They found a way to get the moment there at the end of the first overtime.”

Florida will head to Tallahasee to face No. 1 Florida State on Thursday at 7 p.m.

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