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BALTIMORE – Former University of Florida goalkeeper Sarah Reznick, one of the most decorated lacrosse players in Gators history, has signed a pro contract with the Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse League. Reznick was the tenth selection in the 2023 AU College Draft. Eleven women were picked in the draft, and she was the only goalie selected.

Athletes Unlimited is an innovative women’s sports league consisting of lacrosse, softball, volleyball and basketball. The lacrosse league will have four teams that will change players after each game. The league awards points to individual players for various stats and deducts points for missed shots, goals allowed and turnovers. Players will also receive points for team wins. The top four point getters from each game will be team captains for the next game, and get to draft their team for their next game.

Q: Can you describe the feelings you had when you got the call that you got drafted?

A: It was a surreal experience getting that call and it was super cool for me. It was great to see all my hard work start to pay off. Right after I got drafted I talked to my parents and they were just super excited for me that I get to continue playing lacrosse at a high-level.

Q: Were you pretty sure you were going to sign?

A: I’m starting nursing school in September at Molloy University so I was a little nervous because at the time I didn’t know when my program started, but once I found out that it starts in September I was so pumped and knew I would play. 

Q: Were you surprised that you got drafted or were you kind of expecting it?

A: I was a little surprised, because you never know who’s returning to play and there’s only 56 players in the whole league. But once I found out they were bringing in a goalie I was really excited.

Q: The AU format is a unique one, do you think it’ll be a tough adjustment from college lacrosse.

A: I don’t think it’ll be tough, it’s a super cool dynamic and I honestly love how the teams are constantly changing. It’ll be cool to play with a new group of girls each week and I love that although the point system is individual, you still get rewarded for team wins. So it has that individual dynamic but you still need your team to win to get the team points.

Q: Do you think it’ll be difficult to build a rapport with your defenders since the teams will be changing every game?

A: Not necessarily, even though I’m a rookie I feel like I know a lot of these girls from playing against them and even playing with some of them growing up, so I feel like it won’t be too hard to build those relationships.

Q: That led into my next question, do you know any of the women you’ll be playing with?

A: Two girls that got drafted this year played club lacrosse with me so I know them and some of the other girls I’ve played against a good bit and we’ve become friends. With the different format I’m really excited to get to meet everyone.

Q: Has training already begun?

A: Not yet I’ll be leaving for Baltimore on Monday the 10th.

*This interview took place July 7.

Q: What was your favorite UF lacrosse memory?

A: That’s tough but I think one of my favorite memories was when we beat Maryland in 2020 and snapped their 86-game home winning streak. It was my most exciting game and definitely my favorite memory at Florida.

Reznick finished her UF career as the program’s all time saves leader with 572 saves and was also named AAC Goalkeeper of the Year for the 2021, 2022 and 2023 seasons. She will begin her pro career on July 20th at the USA Lacrosse Headquarter in Baltimore. All games will be streamed on ESPN+ and the first game will be televised on ESPNU.

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