Former Gator finds himself in trouble just days before the NFL Draft.  He was projected to be a second or third round pick. 

Former Florida Gators defensive tackle Caleb Brantley was involved in an incident with a female in which initial reports were that he was not the aggressor or instigator.  The incident occurred April 13 on University Avenue in Gainesville.  

Brantley claimed initially that the female hit him in the face and he simply shoved her out of his way.  Both parties decline to press charges. 

However, that story appears to have not been true based on recent filings with the Alachua County Court.

A sworn affidavit was issued (and first obtained by Patrick Pinak of The Independant Florida Alligator) and stated (via multiple witnesses) that Brantley was acting in retaliation for being shoved. Brantley allegedly hit the woman with a closed fist and knocked her unconcisous. The woman also lost a tooth.  

Per Pinak:

Brantley left the University of Florida with one year of eligibility remaining. He was projected to be a first round pick in thr NFL Draft before the combine, but draft pundits have more recently said he will go in the second or third round. 

Obviously, this isn’t a good look for Brantley, and the timing couldn’t be worse. NFL teams will have to scramble for answers or completely remove him from their draft board. 

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