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Gainesville, FL Florida held its weekly press conference this afternoon. Head coach Dan Mullen started the briefing with an update on the team’s injuries.

Star cornerback Marco Wilson suffered a torn ACL in Saturday night’s loss to Kentucky and will miss the remainder of the season. This is a big loss in an already thin secondary. OLB David Reese and DB’s C.J. McWilliams and Shawn Davis are all listed as hopeful for this weekend’s clash with Colorado State.

After rallying from deep deficits in each of there previous games, Colorado State will present an interesting challenge for the Gators. One that was recognized by Mullen.

“Interesting in how they play.” Mullen, said. “Obviously, they have some very good skill players, offensively that can put up big numbers. Quarterback, receiver, transfer guys that are probably pretty highly rated recruits. Four or five star type recruits.”

After being beaten in multiple phases of play and being manhandled in general by Kentucky, Mullen spoke on the performance and the process of changing the program’s culture.

“Change takes time. Change is uncomfortable for people. If you don’t like how things are, you’ve gotta change.” stated Mullen. “However you want to change, it’s uncomfortable ’cause you’re kind of used to this way and, ‘I’m used to it and I can’t do it how I’m used to doing it.'”

In each of the past two weeks, the Gators have given up massive yardage after first contact. Mullen noted that Kentucky benefited from 20 missed tackles by the Gators defense, gaining an additional 168 yards after contact.

“Everybody in the world’s got problems, successful people have solutions.”

-Gators head coach Dan Mullen

“We’ve gotta become more physical of a football team. The only place that’s gonna happen is on the practice field. In your demeanor and your attitude to how you practice.” Mullen, said. “Everybody in the world’s got problems. Successful people have solutions. Our guys, we’ve gotta go out on the field today and find the solution to fix our problem.

When asked about the progression for a program to adapt to the physicality that is necessary for success, Mullen suggested that the scout teams are crucial to that.

“When we split up on scout teams, our defense, I gotta be like, ‘Whoa! These are our own guys. Be careful.’ We can’t be hitting guys this hard. You know, just wrap ’em up and keep ’em up. Let’s not be laying everybody out.” he, added. “The offensive line with a nastiness, just trying to maul people. When I gotta say, ‘Whoa!’ instead of ‘Sic ’em’ we’ll be in much better shape.”

On the Adarius Lemons transfer decision, Mullen simply said, “We’ll wish him the best. We’ll sign his release for him to go wherever he wants to go and support him however he does.”

Florida will take on the Colorado State Rams this Saturday at 4 p.m. The game will be televised live from Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on the SEC Network.

*Check back Friday for a preview of Florida’s bout with Colorado State.

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