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It’s a late night for us East Coast Gator fans, as the Gator Gymnastics team has traveled to Corvallis, Oregon for its assigned NCAA regional competition. As part of the new qualifying process, the Gators will have to place in the top two tonight to advance to the super-regional tomorrow, and then again in the top two tomorrow night to advance to the national championship. Are you ready? It’s going to be a fun one!

Tonight, the Gators will face the Oregon State Beavers, the Stanford Cardinal and the Iowa Hawkeyes to fight for the two slots in tomorrow night’s super-regional.

Florida will start on vault as the favorite, but the number two spot could really be up for grabs based on who can really hit 24 for 24 tonight. OSU will start on beam, Stanford floor, and Iowa bars. In session one, Denver and Boise State qualified with 196.975 and 196.225, respectively. Florida will hope to shatter those numbers, as it will hope to compete with the numbers that the other top qualifiers across the country have put up. Oklahoma just finished at the Athens Regional with a 198.3, and LSU moves forward in its own regional with a 197.2, leading so comfortably that it was able to let floor anchor Finnegan rest.

10:02pm: Finally getting started here!

Skaggs, VT: FTY, bounce back. A good start.

Singley, BB: Secure on series, lovely artistry through this. Front toss, good. Gorgeous flexibility. Cartwheel to gainer full, stick! Strong state for OSU.

Cole, FX: Hitting all her marks in the music nicely. Rudi to close, very low and ragged, not a great start there.

10:04pm: Alexander, VT: Didn’t see her vault, but I know she went. Will post the score when it comes up. 9.875, commentators say she stuck. Excellent!

Lowery, BB: Gorgeous series, wow. Cat leap to side aerial, lovely. Punch front full, stick! OSU starting off really well here.

10:06pm: Reed, VT: Y1.5, big bounds forward. Just overcooking it again, womp.

H Hoffman, FX: Nice front combo pass. Missed her second pass, I’m having to futz around with WP a little. Rudi to stag, pretty out of control in the air there, yikes. Stanford not inspiring confidence in its upset possibility.

Gonzalez just went on BB for OSU, missed her whole routine though.

10:09pm: Schoenherr, VT: Y1.5, stuck! One of her best all season.

Looks like we missed Thomas in the middle, she scored a 9.65, oh no.

Boren, VT: Y1.5, huge air but stutter steps forward as usual. Just can’t get that under control.

10:10pm: M Dagen, BB: Only saw choreo and the dismount, but sounds like they had a fall from Gonzales, but Dagen hit so they’re back on track.

Flam, FX: Double pike to close, a little out of control but keeps it in bounds. Good finish, better than all the other Stanford we’ve seen so far.

Kampschroeder, UB: DLO dismount, slide back. I’m only getting bits and pieces, guys, so sorry.

Lazaro, BB: Gorgeous floaty bhs loso. Elegant extension in her dance, showcasing her flexibility. Stuck dismount! A huge score based on what her teammates have scored previously.

Gill, BB: Front to back series secure. Such nice positions in the air on her dance elements, that ring stag is to die for. Gainer full dismount stuck! Beavers came to play tonight.

Hoang, FX: huge DLO to open, lots of power there. She’s so pumped, her energy is through the roof on that. Combo pass good. Double pike to close, wow! Good for her.

10:19pm: Bryant, FX: Full in to open, love that power. Punch front through to double pike, solid. Winking at the camera, what a star. Huge double tuck in a beautiful open position to finish, she has matured so much in just a year at Stanford. Stepped up in a major way.

After one, this is bizarre: Oregon State leads with a HUGE 49.5. Stanford is in SECOND at 49.225, with Florida third at 49.075. Granted, vault is being very tightly scored and is the Gators’ weakest event. In fourth, Iowa had a rough bars go at 48.025.

This isn’t disastrous – Florida has huge numbers to put up on the other three rotations, which aren’t all being scored as tightly. Let’s all take a deep breath and remember not to panic.

10:23pm: Chan, FX: An individual qualifer from SJSU, she is killing it. Crazy power in her tumbling, firecracker choreography, and a confidence not usually seen by an individual without their team.

10:28pm: Touch underway for rotation two. Here’s your Gator lineup on bars:

Looks like they’re sticking with the SEC Champs lineup, and I’m honestly not mad.

10:32pm: Boren, UB: Tkachev, nice. Bail okay. Last handstand not as great as I’ve seen it… and they cut to beam before the dismount.

Carlson, BB: Split to loso, nice. Little foot adjustment on dismount. Nice extension though.

Davis, FX: Oh, she’s fun. Front lay to front full to close.

10:34pm: Gowey, UB: Didn’t get to see anything except the dismount, DLO stuck! Gorgeous.

Gilchrist, BB: A little short of 180 on one of those splits. Gainer pike off the end, a little off kilter but holds the stick.

Jacobsen, FX: double pike to open, this is a fun little Irish kinda sounding routine. Missed the middle, had to get up and make tea. Definitely a hit though. Rudi to close – very cute!

Schoenherr, UB: Lovely Jaeger, caught a little close though. Bail straight on, good. Double front half out, the big dismount, little adjustment it looked like.

10:39pm: Force, FX: Double pike to open, great height. Front combo pass, good control out of it. Double tuck to finish, already celebrating. Oregon State is not messing around tonight, dang.

Skaggs just apparently stuck her dismount too, though we didn’t get to see it.

10:41pm: Thomas, UB: Maloney to uprise, overshot the handstand a little but not a huge deal. Pak and Van Leeuwen are great. DLO, stuck! What a stud. Definitely deserving of the SEC Freshman of the Year honor she won.

Singley, FX: Double tuck to open, nice and high. Double pike second pass, also high, some flexed feet but I’m picky. Rudi to finish, chest low and a little underrotated? Definitely tried to cover it.

10:44pm: Sullivan, BB: Front aerial to bhs, a little off to the side but covers. Switch half to beat, nice. Side somi, really squatty but doesn’t wobble. Does on the full turn though, whoops. Roundoff double full, a little short and hops forward.

Lowery, FX: Opened with front double full, though we didn’t see it. Combo pass is lovely, very nice control. Rudi to close, nice and high unlike most of her teammates. Such a fun routine – and a backwards worm, love!

10:48pm: Nice individual routine from Madi Ward-Sessions, aww but she fell on her series, rats.

Yanish, FX: DLO, nice! Front full to front lay is solid. Showing her great flexibility, especially in her shoulders, here in her choreo, hitting all her musical cues. Double tuck to close, so much height. Half a death drop at the end (from a knee), what a fun routine! I see why she scores so highly, haven’t really gotten to watch much OSU this season.

10:51pm: DeHarde, FX: Competing as an individual, she’s coming at this with such grace and poise. Double pike to open, I love this choreography, so expressive. Combo pass was great. Rudi to shushunova to finish, how a shush should be done (you know who you are…)

AFTER TWO:Β Oregon State 98.750, Florida 98.500, Stanford 98.125, Iowa 97.025

Things not quite as close as I had expected here, Stanford and Iowa falling behind significantly as OSU and Florida pull away. Florida will need a good beam night and a normal floor night to make sure it comes away with the win, but honestly, it doesn’t have to – the Gators can save their 100% for tomorrow night when it really counts, to make sure they make it to nationals over the other three teams.

10:57pm: Warmups happening before third rotation. Gators will be on beam.

Looks like Thomas has moved up in the lineup, trading with Gowey to take the five slot. Let’s see how the SEC beam co-champs work it out tonight.

11:01pm: Hundley, BB: Front aerial to sissone, nice. Really working on staying in that bubble. Bhs loso, a little kneesy but locks it in. Cat leap to switch side, good. Full turn, comes around without a bobble and gets a big smile on her face. Roundoff 1.5 sticks, and she’s so pumped!

M Dagen, VT: FTY, really low landing, looks like she may have put a hand down? Yikes.

Singley, VT: FTY, stuck! Not a lot of distance and flexed feet, but could not move even if she tried.

11:04pm: Stanford… didn’t ID her, UB: Some leg sep in Maloney to pak.

Skaggs, BB: Switch to split, gorg. Bhs loso, super secure. Cat leap to side aerial to back full, holds that stick for everyone to see. Yes girl!

Greene, VT: Handspring pike half, step to the side. A little ragged in the legs but kept them piked for sure.

Yu, UB: Only saw her dismount, double tuck bounce back.

11:06pm: Boren, BB: Gainer front toss, so solid. Bhs loso, steady. Switch to straddle, nice. She’s got her game face on. Cat leap to gainer loso, flicks those arms around to keep herself centered. Cartwheel to gainer full stuck! Screaming her lungs out in celebration.

Iowa, FX: Don’t know who this is but she just had a big 2.5 to punch front and then I think went OOB to finish her routine? They’re all so excited to be here, bless them.

L Dagen, VT: FTY, big hop back.

11:09: Gowey, BB: Switch to split, beautiful extension. Triple series is textbook! Front aerial to sissone, solid. Gainer full, slide back.

Bryant, UB: Pak was lovely, missed her release. DLO stuck!

11:11pm: Rogers, UB: Tkachev a little flat but nice toe point. Pak, biiig leg sep. Short last handstand. Couldn’t get her pirouette around and had to hop down.

Thomas, BB: Nails her series, she’s got the sass face on, that’s how you know she’s feeling herself. Front aerial, nice. Roundoff double full, slide back.

Don’t know who this is for Iowa, since commentators say it’s Kaji and it’s definitely not, but she went HARD on that routine and I loved it.

11:13pm: Baumann, BB: My queen. Bhs loso, locks it down. Switch to switch half, perfect 180s, really pointed those back feet. Full turn, overrotates but covers well. Front aerial, gorg. She’s such a pro. Roundoff 1.5, stuck! There’s that enthuasiastic celebration again, and a Gator chomp – love.

Thiiis is Kaji on floor, killing the choreography game. Illusions everywhere. Missed all of her tumbling though.

Same, Sam. Same.

11:17pm: Castle, Iowa: Double pike to open. Ooh Tequila is her music, using the same mix as Marino at UGA last year. Rudi is good. Combo pass to close, solid. Having some trouble looking at the screen for very long because the feed has gotten really choppy, my eyes are killing me.

11:21pm: Ward-Sessions, an individual from USU on FX: Open full in! Gorgeous! Iowa cheering so loud for her. Front combo pass, absolutely floats through that layout. Wow. Using “Confident” by Demi Lovato as her music, love this. Double pike to close, that’s HUGE! Iowa and her coaches are all screaming 10 for her, I’m dying. A huge routine for an individual though, wow.

AFTER THREE: Florida 148.000, Oregon State 147.825, Stanford 147.075, Iowas 146.175

Iowa and Stanford are basically out at this point, barring disaster, and Florida and Oregon State are in – it’s just a question of in what order. Here’s your Florida floor lineup:

11:31pm: Hundley, FX: whip double tuck, nails it this week. You can see it on her face, she’s so stoked. Double pike, a little leg sep? Not sure if anyone cares but it was there. Last tumbling pass, 1.5 to front lay, yes! The right way to lead off.

Kaji, VT: FTY, a little off to the side but sticks!

Jacobsen, UB: Stuck dismount! Didn’t show any of the rest.

11:34pm: Skaggs, FX: Not gonna see the first pass because bars. Or the second because beam. Why. And I missed all of it, looks like a hit though. Thank you for nothing, Flo.

Lowery, UB: Lovely opening handstand work. Maloney to pak is good, small leg sep. DLO kinda stuck? Off balance a little.

Lawson, BB: Bhs loso series, small bobble but keeps it under control. Gainer pike, stuck.

11:36pm: Colussi-Pelaez, UB: Jaeger, caught a little close. Bail, not as defined as position as I’d like but within acceptable bounds I think. DLO stuck! That’s how you stick.

They cut to beam, but she falls. Don’t even know who it was.

Reed, FX: Huge DLO, yes! Hitting all her marks in the music, get it. Front lay to Rudi, and no commentators, that’s not her last pass, the girl has half a routine left! Definitely bringing the confidence tonight, she looks way more at ease than at SECs. Double pike to close, nicely done.

Gill, UB: Maloney to pak is gorgeous, legs nice and together. DLO, shows off the stick. Oregon State celebrating like crazy.

11:40pm: Boren, FX: DLO, so good. Combo pass well controlled as usual. Commentators just called her Ashley…. no. Really putting it all out there in the dance. Double tuck, maybe a little short but tried to cover. Might’ve stung her ankles a little bit if I’m not mistaken? Looks okay though.

Thomas, FX: DLO, so floaty I can’t. Combo pass is good, just the full I think. I hope they bring back the double full for nationals. Double back to close, and thus start the 10 screams. Even other teams are going crazy for her.

11:45pm: Bryant, BB: Carrying the team on her back basically. Bhs loso, lovely. Beat to… was that a double switch?? That’s cool. Double back dismount, really hard. Step on the landing.

Aaaaaaaand the live stream cut out. Right before Baumann’s routine. Welp.

Oh, okay. Looks like they scratched her anyway, trying to save her ankles for tomorrow. Probably a good idea.

FINAL SCORE: Florida 197.500, Oregon State 197.125, Stanford 196.075, Iowa 194.775

Florida and Oregon State will move forward to tomorrow night’s super-regional (or regional final, depending on who you ask) against Denver and Boise State. Let’s meet back here tomorrow night – see you then!

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