Ready for another installment of late-night gymnastics? I am, and so are your favorite Gator gymnasts! Tonight’s competition in Corvallis will send the top two qualifiers to the national semifinal in Fort Worth, Texas in just two weeks. Florida will have some major competition, especially if last night’s scoring was any indication. Vault was very tightly scored, something the Gators really can’t afford since they can’t seem to find their landings. Beam and floor more than made up for the low vault total, however, earning the Gators a 197.500 last night, without Alyssa Baumann even competing the team’s final floor routine.

The Gators will have to face the Oregon State Beavers, who led halfway through last night’s competition, as well as the qualifiers from Session One: the Boise State Broncos and the Denver Pioneers. The top two from this meet will move on to Nationals, but the rest of the field has already been set, as the rest of the regional meets around the country have already finished. If it can qualify, Florida will face Oklahoma, Georgia, LSU, Utah, UCLA and Michigan, in addition to the other qualifier from this meet. There have already been some surprises tonight, particularly concerning who hasn’t qualified. The elephant in the room? Alabama failed to qualify, breaking its 36-year qualifying streak.

Introductions are underway in Corvallis, so without further ado, let’s get started! The Gators will start on beam tonight, one of their strongest events. As head coach Jenny Rowland would say, “Just be normal.” If Florida can do that, tonight should be a breeze.

10:02pm: Davis, VT: FTY, slide back.

Bouza, UB: Missed most of it, bounce back on DLO dismount.

Hundley, BB: Front aerial sissone, great. Bhs loso, maybe looks a little tentative but not a bobble in sight. Jump series good. Full turn, super happy with that. Roundoff 1.5, shuffle back.

Sundstrom, FX: Missed basically all of it, last dance element looked maybe shy of split.

10:04pm: Means, UB: All we really saw was the dismount, stuck double tuck.

Yanish, VT: FTY, big bounce back. Gorgeous height and distance though.

Skaggs, BB: Double wolf, good. Minimal wobbling. Switch to split, gorgeous 180 positions, perfect toe point. Bhs loso, breaks at the hips and falls. No! Not Megan. Gets back up, stuck her dismount.

Stokes, UB: Handstands look great, DLO small step.

Kern, FX: Combo pass looked nice. Double tuck to close, good. She’s so happy, aww.

10:07pm: Jacobsen, VT: Tsuk full, a little piking and slide back.

Boren, BB: Bhs loso and she falls too! Oh my god. What is happening??? Cat leap to gainer loso, fine. She’s angry now. Cartwheel gainer full stick.

10:09pm: Looks like Lacy Dagen had an amazing vault, OSU is going bonkers.

Muhlenhaupt, UB: extra swing in there for some reason? DLO dismount, stuck.

10:10pm: Gowey, BB: Okay, time for a reset. Switch to split, lovely. Bhs loso loso, started to lean but locked it down, refused to wobble. Front aerial to sissone, fought through that to connect it. Gainer full stuck. Much better, thank you Gowey.

Schou, FX: Missed what her second pass was but she hit it. Rudi to finish, Denver super happy with their rotation so far.

Nilson, UB: Tkachev is nice, a little wild after. Bail doesn’t lock into handstand. DLO dismount, hop forward

10:13pm: Thomas, BB: Switch half to beat, nice. One arm bhs to loso, so steady. Front aerial, small check, leans forward. Stays in control. Roundoff double full, bounce back.

Karr, FX: Double pike to open, so much energy in the choreography here. 1.5 to front full, good control out of it. Not sure I love the choreo but she’s selling it for sure. Rudi to finish, very nice.

10:16pm: Baumann, BB: Missed the first part but commentators say only one small bobble so far. Side aerial is great. Roundoff 1.5, step back. A good recovery, but damn. Not the way they wanted to start.

Brown, FX: Bringing the drama here. DLO, lots of power, front foot comes up, she tries to cover but at least I saw it. 1.5 to front lay to split jump, that one was better. Playing to the crowd and camera here, she’s got the extra performance quality some of her teammates lack. Double pike to close, nice. They’ll be happy with that.

AFTER ONE: Denver 49.3, Oregon State 49.1, Boise State 49.0, Florida 48.475

Soooo lots of catching up to do. The Gators are out of qualifying position by 0.625, which is a pretty significant gap. They might need some help from some other teams in order to make this happen.

Here are all your rotation one scores:

Yes, yes it would.

VAC Jeremy Miranda pumping up the crowd right now.

10:26pm: Yamaoka, UB: Thought we were getting floor but apparently not. Releases alright, double tuck, bounce in place.

Hundley, FX: Missed her first pass because of bars. Double pike second pass, little shuffle on the landing. 1.5 to front lay, dances right out. Definitely what they’re looking for.

Schou, VT: FTY, looked stuck? Maybe?

10:28pm: Jacobsen, UB: Tkachev, good. Double front, hop forward.

Amado, BB: Bhs bhs 2ft layout, little bounce but wow, difficulty. Switch to switch side, very quick. Front aerial, good. 1.5 small step.

Skaggs, FX: Hits first pass, based on the cheers I hear? Rudi was good… and they switched again. The rest was hit based on commentators.

Lowery, UB: Maloney to pak, better leg form than last night but not perfect. Good last handstand. DLO stuck. That’s a good one.

10:32pm: Karr, VT: Y1.5, hop forward.

McGregor, BB: I can hear her thinking to herself about staying calm. Side aerial back full stuck!

Reed, FX: Missed her DLO, thanks Flo… and they switch just to see bars dismount. Ugh. Front lay to Rudi, so quick twisting that around. Double pike to close, a little short but covers well

Colussi-Pelaez, UB: Stuck DLO dismount, that’s all we got.

10:34pm: Briscoe, UB: Jaeger, kinda close to the bar there. Bail is good, nice handstand position. DLO, hop forward.

Esmerian, BB: Wolf to split 3/4, veeeery short of 180 there. Roundoff 1.5… tried to stick but hopped forward after saluting

10:36pm: Boren, FX: DLO, just gorgeous, lays it back. Combo pass is good, a little much energy moving forward but covers okay. Double tuck to finish, she goes sooo high. Great finish for her.

Gill, UB: Stuck her dismount, that’s all we saw.

Means, BB: front toss to beat is great. Bhs gainer full, stick! Good for her.

10:39pm: Thomas, FX: DLO to open, so in control, so straight in the air. Front full front lay, second element higher. Trin showing y’all how it’s done. Double pike, textbook. Here come the 10 chants.

That will be Trin’s FIFTH 9.975 this season. What a queen.

10:41pm: Baumann, FX: Double tuck, skyrockets into the air, great control on the landing too. 1.5 to front full, just floats her dance out of it. Double pike, comes in short, didn’t put a knee or hand down, but that’ll be the score they end up dropping. Dang.

AFTER TWO: Denver 98.5, Oregon State 98.425, Boise State 98.050, Florida 97.9

Some significant ground made up, but still along way to go. Gators are still 0.525 off of qualifying pace, which means they made up a full tenth against OSU, but that’s still a huge gap. Florida will really have to put vault together tonight to have any chance of getting this back.

10:51pm: Skaggs, VT: apparently stuck her FTY… not that we saw it.

Singley, BB: front toss, lands on the struggle bussss. Gainer full, stuck.

Nilson, FX: Last pass Rudi, big bounce back but stayed in bounds.

Alexander, VT: FTY, stuck hers as well!! There we go!

10:53pm: Lowery, BB: Series, patient with it, lets it fall into place. Dance series good. Cat leap to side aerial, secure. Punch front full, sticks but kinda falls out of it.

Ruiz, UB: Just saw her stick her DLO, that’s it.

Amado, FX: Double tuck a little low, pulls it out. Nice leaps. 1.5 to front lay, a little low in the layout but doesn’t pike. Double pike to finish, chest really low.

Thomas, VT: Y1.5, small hop forward.

10:56pm: L Dagen, BB: Series was good. Gainer pike, slight foot adjustment. Crowd going bonkers.

Missed Schoenherr on vault but it was a good one, scored 9.9!

Boren, VT: Y1.5, small stutter step back. Gorgeous in the air though.

10:57pm: M Dagen, BB: Bhs loso fine. A little shy of 180 and flexed feet in her switch half. Side aerial to back full stuck.

Glynn, UB: Really short on her dismount and big lunge forward. All we got to see.

McGregor, FX: Rudi to finish, team is subdued… maybe a hiccup somewhere we didn’t see? Score will tell.

11:00pm: Lazaro, BB: Bhs loso, really floaty. Short in her 180 position and balks before her second dance element. Makes it up connecting a split jump to her split 3/4. Side aerial back full, slide back.

Means, FX: Lovely twisting form in combo pass. Rudi to finish, very nice.

Karr, UB: Gienger to overshoot, very nice. DLO dismount, stuck cold! Wow.

11:03pm: Gill, BB: Front aerial to bhs, fine. Switch half to beat, good. Gainer full, stuckish? Bounce in place doesn’t count for me but usually does for judges.

Bruden, FX: Double pike, nice and open. 1.5 to front lay, good controlled step out of it. Fun choreography break in here, though not as sharp as maybe I’d like.

11:07pm: Esmerian, FX: Front double full, a little overrotated. Leap positions are nice. Combo pass is good, nice twisting form. Good finish.

AFTER THREE: Denver 147.95, Oregon State 147.725, Florida 147.275, Boise State 146.95

Florida is still 0.45 off of Oregon State’s pace. Florida would need to improve on last night’s bars by 0.175, or Oregon State would need to be 0.175 worse than last night’s floor performance in order for the Gators to overtake the Beavers.

11:16pm: Boren, UB: Tkachev, good, staying calm. Bail, great handstand. Good final HS, DLO kinda close to the bar but she sticks! That’s the way.

Davis, FX: Double tuck, gets lots of air there. Dance elements fine. Front lay front full, a little short, has to slide back. Guess I missed the first pass?

Gowey, UB: Missed her Ray, but the pak is gorgeous as always. Short on last handstand. DLO, hop forward. Dang it. Every little half tenth is going to matter here.

Bruden, VT: FTY stuck! Good for her!

11:19pm: Ruiz, BB: Commentators still can’t say her name right. Series is great. Side aerial to split, nice. Gainer pike stuck.

Hundley, UB: Maloney looked fine, and they cut away. No idea how the rest of that went.

Jacobsen, FX: Double pike, big stumble back. Stayed in bounds somehow. Really tight on combo pass, didn’t travel hardly at all. Rudi, and again a little short, chest came in low.

Schoenherr, UB: Jaeger, sooo high. Good handstand after… and they cut away again. What the heck.

Sundstrom, BB: Doing okay so far, was trying to pay attention to Sav. Gainer pike stuck.

11:22pm: Means, VT: Y1.5, swims and gets the stick! What a night for her.

Force, FX: Double pike to open, front foot comes up a little. Front lay front full, comes in a little squatty but covers okay. Double tuck to close, chest low.

Skaggs super pumped in the background here but didn’t see a lick of her routine. 9.875, so clearly a hit.

Vasquez sticks her beam dismount for Denver.

Thomas, UB: Maloney to uprise, gorgeous position. Pak lovely. Van Leeuwen, glued together. DLO, haaaangs onto the stick with her toes. This is gonna be tight, y’all.

Karr, BB: Side aerial bhs, that’s fun. Missed the rest crunching numbers but a big hit.

Singley has apparently hit her first two passes, didn’t show them, Rudi looks good.

Schou, BB: Series great, beat to sheep is excellent. SO confident here. Bhs gainer full stuck!

11:29pm: Lowery, FX: Front double full, takes it all the way to the line but keeps it in. 1.5 to front lay, great control there. Rudi to finish, nice. That’ll be a good one… this is going to come down to the very end, y’all.

11:32pm: Yanish, FX: DLO and combo pass are good. I’m shaking. Double back, two foot stick… That might be it. Yup.

FINAL: Denver 197.375, Oregon State 196.9, Florida 196.7, Boise State 196.075

Wow. Honestly don’t have any words for what happened. I guess I get to just watch nationals instead of liveblogging it.

Well, thanks for sticking around til the end, everyone. We’ll see you next season.

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