Gator fans! Today’s the day, it’s finally here – it’s meet day, y’all! If you missed it earlier this week, check out our preview of the action in store for today, but here’s the TL;DR:

Gator keys to success: (these might look a little familiar – they worked at regionals!)

  • Leading after beam (and preferably after floor too)
  • Thomas back on all four (even if her tumbling is watered down)
  • Team feeling hungry and vibing in their bubble

Competition at hand:

  • Michigan: Ranked No. 2, has stellar AAers, even or better than Florida on VT and UB, but Gators have the edge on BB
  • California: Ranked No. 6, also has solid AAers but weaker in the supporting routines, VT and BB could give them issues
  • Minnesota: Ranked No. 8, Gators beat them at regionals, most events evenly matched, but again BB is UF’s advantage

We begin in just a few short hours, so don’t go anywhere! Tune in to ESPN2 at 1pm ET, and if you can’t watch, keep refreshing this page for all the updates!

It appears California has left the competition floor with a full five minutes left in the final warmup rotation… no reason given but I can only imagine one of two things that would do that – EDIT: false alarm, they all ran back on. Maybe just some bad juju in their bubble and coaches needed to pull everyone aside and talk it out.

Broadcast is starting right now. Hoping Bart and Kathy will give us some insight.

Bart and Kathy telling us what’s up with Cal: They were out, and now they’re back in. Confirmed COVID related, but can’t say anything specific obviously due to privacy laws, but all have been cleared to compete.

1:11pm: Finally getting underway!

Richards, UB: Maloney to bail, leg sep in Maloney but bail fine. Last handstand maybe short? DLO, deep knee bend but stuck it!

Grotenhuis, Minn VT: FTY, looked a little short maybe, and crooked.

Bauman, Mich BB: Switch to switch half, lovely. Side somi, little unsteady but she keeps it under control. Stuck dismount!

Quinn, Cal FX: Rudi to open, a little uncontrolled in the lunge. Lovely control in switch side to Popa, no oversplit but comfortably hit 180 from what I can see. Double pike, much better on that pass. Good start for them.

Lazzari, UB: Tkachev is gorgeous. Great handstands in the middle there. Pak, little leg sep but she is so floaty. Good last handstand. Full in, little shuffle. Another hit!

1:16pm: Wilson, BB: Bhs loso, super square. Switch side, nice. Roundoff double tuck dismount! That’s huge! Little hop back.

Hooten, VT: Y1.5, little hop forward but she was lovely in the air.

Skaggs, UB: Stellar first handstand! Being so aggressive here, Tkachev to pak, good. DLO just floooooats and sticks like a dart, yes! This is what we like to see!

1:19pm: Ramler, VT: Y1.5, almost identical to Hooten, little hop forward.

Farley, BB: Bhs loso loso, locks it in. Split to split half, a little short in the split half. Side aerial to split jump, nice and quick, maybe a little flexed foot in front. Gainer pike stuck!

Schoenherr, UB: Great first handstand. Jaeger FLOATS, wow. Good handstand in the middle. Bail a little loose? Double front half out, was that a stick I see???

Clausi, FX: Double pike to open, good control and amplitude. Dance series doesn’t quite have the preciseness I’d like. 1.5 to front lay, also well controlled, doesn’t get a whole lot of rise in the second element though. Double back, big step into the lunge but keeps it in bounds.

1:22: Loper, VT: Y1.5, STUCK! Wow, so clutch.

Thomas, UB: Maloney to uprise, good handstand. Pak very clean. Great low bar handstands. Van Leeuwen had a little leg sep, DLO dismount, just a little bounce back but I’m fine with that to keep her ankles safe.

Wojcik, BB: Front aerial to beat, gorgeous extension. Switch to split, lovely toe point. Triple series is super steady. Overdoes it on the full turn and has to cover. Stuck dismount!

Worley, UK individual VT: Y1.5, little step back to steady herself. Love seeing the star freshman here!

1:26pm: Gallentine, UB: Maloney to pak, has to recast twice and still can’t make the half turn, hops off. That’s rough. Finishes the routine but crashes her dismount too, oof. Florida will have to count leadoff 9.775 from Richards then.

George, FX: Front double to punch front, little underrotated but covers well. Really bringing the showmanship in this choreo, love to see it. Rudi to close, solid there. Super impressed with Cal’s mental toughness after the craziness in warmup.

Heiskell, BB: Leap series lovely. Acro series super solid. 1.5 looked stuck to me!

1:29pm: Brown, DU individual UB: Maloney to bail, solid. Van Leeuwen is good too. DLO is stuck cold. And her hair matches her leo, I am LIVING for this. Good for her.

DeSouza, FX: Double pike to open, solid start. Leap series, lovely. Getting jazzy in the choreography, I like. 1.5 to front full, clean and controlled. Rudi to double stag, good control in the air and on landing. Cal just plugging along over here!

Scharf, ASU individual BB: Double wolf turn, steady. Bhs loso, super floaty, wow. Side somi, a little squatty but otherwise fine. Switch to split, maybe a little shy on the second split. Roundoff 1.5, hop forward. Love to see her here.

McCrary, Miz individual FX: Front lay to Rudi, basically stuck, nice. Double pike, a little short, has to shuffle forward. Switch side to Popa is good to finish out. Good for her.

AFTER ONE: MICH 49.475, CAL 49.425, MINN 49.3875, UF 49.2375

Bars scoring seems REALLY tight to me. I’m hoping it’ll stay that way for the rest of the teams for fairness, though it would be nice if all events were scored with equal strictness across the board.

Florida’s beam lineup is up!

Less than .25 between first and last… we knew this was gonna be a close one, but wow.

1:46pm: Richards, BB: Full turn looked good. Triple series… and she’s off. Looks like she’s finished now, didn’t show the rest of the routine.

Sadighi, Cal VT: FTY, bounce back, little pike on the landing.

Remlinger, Minn UB: Some struggles, 9.7625.

Hooten, UB: First handstand short. Piked Jaeger to shootover, fine. Double front, step back to steady herself.

Skaggs, BB: Single wolf, good. She’s the right person for a reset. Front aerial to split, good. Bhs loso, so steady. Cat leap switch side, gorgeous. Side aerial back full stuck! That’s the way to hit the reset button, Skaggs.

Koulos, Mich FX: Bauman apparently hit. Both tumbling passes for Koulos so far are solid. Dance series good. Another twisting pass to close, missed exactly what it was but clearly a good one. Michigan is on fire!


Willmarth, UB: Ray, lovely. Bail is solid. Last handstand a little short. Double tuck is slung out but stuck!

1:53pm: Lazzari, BB: Bhs loso loso, little stutter forward but adjusts quickly and doesn’t bobble. Lovely jump series. Side aerial back full! Yes! Well done, Ellie!

Wojcik, FX: Double pike to open, lovely in the air and good control too. Textbook leap series. Front double full to pike STUCK COLD, wow. Rudi to straddle, WOW they are just going lights out. That’ll be a great score.

DeSouza, VT: Missed what vault she did cuz she stepped out of it so quickly, oops. A hit though.

Baumann, BB: Alright, watch the queen work, y’all. Bhs loso, locks it in. Switch to split, gorgeous oversplit and toe point. Front aerial, leg up, but puts it back down. Whew. Breathe. Switch half is one of her good ones, maybe a flexed foot. Roundoff 1.5, stuck!

Clausi, VT: Y1.5, ooooh saves it but big step back.

1:58pm: Heiskell, FX: Double pike to open, very nice. 1.5 to front lay, little stutter step out. Punch Rudi to split jump, a good finish.

Thomas, BB: Solid so far, psyching herself up. One arm bhs to loso, doesn’t move a muscle. Mixed series, good split, Korbut, good. Side aerial back full, little slide. Good for her! Big hug from Jenny.

Ramler, UB: Maloney to pak, legs just PASTED together. Great low bar handstand. Van leeuwen was better than Trin’s, dare I say? Full in is STUCK COLD WOW, that’ll be huge.

2:01pm: Brooks, FX: Full in is nice and high, open position is just gorgeous. Front through to double tuck, works hard to keep that front foot in place but the lunge was pretty big. Double pike – two foot stick!!! Absolutely incredible.

Clapper, BB: Bhs loso loso, soooo steady. Switch to split, good extension. Side aerial back full, little shuffle, but we will drop the fall and everyone should breathe a big sigh of relief.

2:04pm: Wilson, FX: Open full in from her as well, wow. Combo pass is good, little shuffle on the landing. Gorgeous straddles in her dance series! Double back to close, great amplitude. What a rotation for Michigan!! They are KILLING it.

Brown, BB: Front toss bhs, good connection. Switch to split, lovely. Front aerial to wolf jump, good extension in both. Gainer full stuck! Look at her go.

Scharf, FX: Double back to open, lovely. Front full to punch front, little short but covers well. Precise rotation in her dance series, love to see that. Double pike to finish, steps forward but chest up cleanly.

AFTER TWO: MICH 99.152, UF 98.625, CAL 98.575, MINN 98.5125

Let’s look at our measures of success: Trin is back in AA, from what we understand, so check mark there. In qualifying position after beam, yes, thank you Leah Clapper. Team in their bubble? Maaaaybe not. They look like the nerves are eating at them at little, and that’s concerning. Here’s hoping they can let loose on floor and let the nerves slide away.

My girl Sam from Alligator Army has arrived on site after several HOURS delay to her flight, ugh. Glad she’s made it to see our team kill it on floor.

Reed anchoring! Let’s get that 10!

2:17pm: Skaggs, FX: Rudi to double stag, better control than she’s been having, so that’s good. Gorgeous leaps as always. Combo pass to close is great. This is how we want to start, Gators!

Heiskell, Mich VT: Y1.5, little adjustment forward. A great start!

Wojcik, VT: Y1.5, little shy and has to step back.

Big miss over on beam for Minnesota from… Montgomery I think? Nope, Koch, Montgomery went 9.75 after.

Li, UB: Pak is gorgeous. Van Leeuwen, fine. Last handstand very aggressive. Double tuck stuck! Wow!

Richards, FX: DLO to open is a good one, but she doesn’t trust herself and steps back again, foot OOB. Double tuck, pretty bouncy but stays in. 1.5 to front lay, floats that second element higher, good finish for her! Glad she was able to bounce back.

Morrison, VT: Y1.5, big hop forward but great amplitude for her.

2:23pm: Loper, BB: Series is solid. Front toss to beat, nice. Switch to split 1/4, good 180s there. Little adjusment but it’s a good dismount.

Lazzari, FX: Double pike to open, front foot does move as she lunges back. 1.5 to front lay to stag, just lovely. Dance series positions are great. Double back to finish, great landing control there.

Bordas, UB: Just saw the end but she stuck her double back dismount! Very nice!

2:26pm: Looks like Brooks went 9.825 for VT for Michigan.

Thomas, FX: Has changed up her tumbling, but Kathy says it’s a two-pass routine for her tonight. DLO, little bounce to stay in bounds and protect the ankles. Plays to the camera as she dances out, LOVE. Leaps are gorgeous, great amplitude and so extended. Front full to front lay to finish. Great, great job for her, she is out here DELIVERING for her team.

Kuc, UB: Maloney to pak, lovely. Last handstand a little shy. Full in stuck!

Korlin-Downs, BB: She’s such a wonderful human being, I hope she has a great night. Series is super steady. Beat to split to double stag, very precise. Side aerial back full STUCK! A great one for Minnesota, they might be able to drop that fall and stay in it.

2:30pm: Baumann, FX: Double tuck, crazy amplitude, good control coming out. 1.5 front full, single step to dance out. Gorgeous leaps, Kathy’s losing her breath and so am I! Closes with her double pike, one of her best! Yes ma’am, that’s how we fight! Adrian picks her up and hugs her coming off the floor, aww.

Watterson, UB: Pak salto is close… and she’s off! No! Van Leeuwen is good once she remounts. Double tuck, little short but stays on her feet.

Ramler, BB: Was paying attention to Baumann so I didn’t catch the details, but it was a gorgeous one! Scoot back on the dismount though.

2:33: Reed, FX: LET’S GO NYA! DLO, it’s HUGE but bounce back will take away the 10 possibility. Front lay to Rudi, much better control there. Dance series is good. Final pass is the double pike, very strong. Well done Gators!

Saw Cairo Leonard-Baker, an individual for ASU, just NAIL bars in the background.

Bunn, UK individual BB: Full turn to start, nice and precise. Bhs loso loso, a little off but locks her arms in and will not bobble. Switch to split, very nice. Roundoff double full stuck!

Seeing the Gators in the background dancing and getting pumped up for Brown’s floor. Love seeing that support and glad they’re in a good headspace.

Brown, FX: DLO to start, fights and gets the two foot stick! Yes! Some flexed feet on her dance series but she just floats those elements. Really milking the crowd here, love seeing her show this off. 1.5 to front lay to sissone, good control there. Double pike to finish, great amplitude. Just HUGE for her.

Bart reporting she’s waiting til after this meet to decide if she takes the COVID year, but has already applied for a Masters at Denver!

AFTER THREE: MICH 148.475, UF 148.2125, CAL 147.925, MINN 147.725

Last one best one! Let’s qualify, Gators!

2:48pm: Baumann, VT: FTY, held onto the stick!! Deep knee bend though.

Heiskell, Mich UB: Just saw the dismount, double tuck little slide back.

Clausi, Cal BB: Front toss to beat, a little slow connection there. Bhs loso, steady. Switch to switch side, a little tight. Cat leap to side aerial to back tuck full.

Minnesota opens with a hit on floor as well.

Lazzari, VT: FTY, much better amplitude, super clean legs, little slide back.

2:50pm: Bauman, UB: Jaeger to overshoot, mostly clean. Short last handstand. Double front, little step forward.

DeSouza, BB: Cat leap to front aerial, solid. Bhs loso, nice and solid. Beat to sheep, has to take a step forward on the landing. Roundoff 1.5, little adjustment in the feet, good for her.

Schoenherr, VT: Skaggs got a 9.875. Y1.5, she didn’t sit, but wow did she underrotate that. That was just straight quad power to not fall there.

Wilson, UB: Jaeger caught a little close there. Transition fine. Final handstand is good. DLO stuck!

2:54pm: Li, BB: Front aerial to beat, little bobble in between. Bhs loso, little lean there, keeps it small. Bobble on the leap series too. Didn’t see her dismount.

Reed, VT: Y1.5, WOW slings it out really far, big hop forward.

Thomas, VT: Y1.5, how did she hit that? Form in the air looked fine, though not a good angle to see leg sep, and small hop forward.

George, BB: Competing with her mask on! Queen! And knocks it out of the park, just a little bobble in the dance series.

Brooks, UB: Piked Jaeger, gorgeous. Good handstands. Bail is good. Great last handstand! FTDLO, little hop, but WOW, that’s huge.

2:59pm: Ramler, FX: Ring position a little funky to start? Double pike to open, very nice. 1.5 through to double twist, just lovely, lovely form. 1.5 to front lay to arabesque, just gorgeous. She’s had an incredible career, lots to be proud of.

Wojcik, UB: Falls on the Deltchev! Just took it to big. Bail is good once she remounts, great last handstand. DLO, little step.

3:02pm: Watterson, BB: It’s another hit, but will it overtake Florida? They’d need to improve by 0.25ish… Florida is in! Qualifies with like a 0.07 lead? Math isn’t my strong suit, but wow, what a close meet. The Gators have a lot to improve on if they’re going to come anywhere close to winning tomorrow.

3:06pm: Loper, FX: Gorgeous opening pass. Dance positions lovely. Really giving the crowd the drama in this. 2.5 is soooo floaty, wow. 1.5 to front lay, what a great finish for her. Another stellar performer, she should be so proud.

FINAL: MICH 197.8625, UF 197.4375, CAL 197.3625, MINN 197.1875

Florida and Michigan advance! I’ll see you back here for session two at 6pm ET! Check out my Twitter for post-meet press conference updates shortly!

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