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The Florida Gators Women’s Volleyball team issued a complete 3-0 sweep of the Morehead State Eagles in the second round of the 2021 NCAA Women’s Volleyball Tournament in Omaha, Nebraska. The Gators advance into the Round of 16 and improved its overall record to 20-3.

Set 1: 25-14 Gators

The Gators were quick to gain the advantage over the Eagles. The Eagles did not let them hold this lead for long as they completed a 4-0 run to make it a one point set. In response, the Gators completed a 5-1 run of their own to go up 15-10. Returning from a media timeout, the Gators kept their stride as they pulled ahead by six points with a score of 17-11. The Eagles called a timeout to reassess the situation. However, the Gators were able to hold and expand the distance between themselves and the Eagles. A massive 8-3 run let the Gators claim their first victory of the match.

Set 2: 25-19 Gators

Right off of the bat, the Gators cinched the early lead once again. After the Gators went up 10-4, the Eagles were forced to take a timeout. In an attempt to catch up, the Eagles completed a 4-0 run, but they still fell short of tying it up with the Gators. Coming out of a timeout of their own, the Gators responded to the Eagles with a 8-2 run of their own. The Eagles worked to tick away the Gators lead as they came within four points of the Gators at the 22-18 mark. However, a 3-1 run by the Gators outmatched the Eagles.

Set 3: 25-19 Gators

For the third time, the Gators climbed ahead of the Eagles in the first few points of the set. They held a four point lead at the 10-6 mark. In response, the Eagles rallied to take a small lead at 15-14. They did not hold it long as the Gators proceeded to complete a 5-0 run to give themselves the advantage. The Eagles attempted to keep up with the Gators, but they fell short. This gave the Gators the win in the second round of the NCAA Women’s Volleyball Tournament.



Carlton, 3

Hall, 2

Hammons, 2


Hall, 10

Carlton, 9

Forte, 9

Ceasar, 8


McKissock, 12

Hall, 11

Ceasar, 8


Dooley, 4

Forte, 4

Monserez, 3

Carlton, 3

What’s Next?

The Gators will go on to the Regional Semifinal to take on the ninth seed Ohio State Buckeyes on April 18. The time has yet to be announced.

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