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Former Florida Gators star Pete Alonso has made quite the mark on Major League Baseball in his rookie campaign.

Alonso has generated statistics that have never been seen by a rookie in the Big Apple.

With his 23rd homer of the season on Saturday, Alonso pulled past MVP-favorite Cody Bellinger for second place in the National League, just two behind defending NL MVP Christian Yelich.

Alonso has been a force in the Mets lineup all season and the stats prove it. In addition to homers and (53) RBI, the slugger from Tampa also ranks in the top ten in the NL in slugging percentage(.612) and on-base + slugging(.962; despite having just a .264 batting average).

Alonso also ranks in the top ten in many advanced metrics such as offensive WAR (wins above replacement), where he ranks 8th in the league.

So what’s the problem?

The fans of Major League Baseball haven’t taken notice. A player with stats like this – a rookie, no less – should be among the leaders in the All-Star Game fan vote.

As of June 10th, when the MLB revealed the first return of voting, Alonso ranked fifth among National League first basemen.

The leaders at his position:

  1. Josh Bell (Pittsburgh)
  2. Anthony Rizzo (Chicago)
  3. Freddie Freeman (Atlanta)
  4. Max Muncy (Los Angeles)


Bell: .321 BA, 19 HR, 63 RBI

Rizzo: .280 BA, 18 HR, 49 RBI

Freeman: .313 BA, 19 HR, 48 RBI

Muncy: .278 BA, 16 HR, 43 RBI

Note: the MLB and MLBPA approved changes to the All-Star voting. The top three vote getters will move on to an election for the ASG starter.

While all four have strong cases for an All-Star game invite, the argument here is that Pete Alonso has become a box office attraction.

With the exception of Josh Bell, every other player currently ranked ahead of Alonso has several bats before and after them in the lineup that help to inflate their stats.

The 2019 MLB All-Star game will be played on Tuesday July 9 in Cleveland, Ohio. You can vote for the representatives at: vote here.

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